Total War: Pharaoh gameplay & release date

By Melany Moncada


Sep 25, 2023

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Total War: Pharaoh is an upcoming turn-based strategy real-time tactics game published by Sega. This is the 16th game in the Total War series, this time set in the New Kingdom of Egypt. Total War: Pharaoh includes familiar gameplay in a completely new setting.

Total War: Pharaoh takes place from the Late Bronze Age collapse, roughly the 12th century BC. This is a particularly tumultuous period of time in history. While the game includes several fictional elements, it is closer to reality than previous titles.

Total War: Pharaoh Gameplay

Total War: Pharaoh is a turn-based strategy real-time tactics game. Players select one of eight leaders, which represent the three factions in the game.

Ancient Egypt

  • Seti II
  • Amenmesse
  • Twosret
  • Ramesses III


  • Bay
  • Irsu

Hittite Empire

  • Suppiluliuma II
  • Kurunta

The base gameplay is the same as previous titles. Players are in charge of resource management and battle control. Total War: Pharaoh brings unique updates to the gameplay. Units have different options for stances. Units now can advance, hold while forming a shield or spear wall, or fall back. When the units fall back, they will maintain the formation while retreating and ceding ground.

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Unit armor degrades, making units more vulnerable as the battle progresses. Natural disasters impact the terrain and the unit’s performance. Heavy units will struggle to move through mud, and sandstorms cancel archers’ vision.

Fire will play a big part in the battles. Units can be killed by fire, and buildings can be destroyed. Settlements now have three capture points. Each point grants a different bonus to the units.

As the game progresses, the world becomes more dangerous. The lingering threat of the Sea Peoples will cause political turmoil on top of the ongoing natural disasters hitting the region.

Total War: Pharaoh Release Date

Total War: Pharaoh will be released for PC and macOS on October 11.

There are three different versions available for purchase. The Standard Edition sells for $59.99 and includes the base game. The Deluxe Edition sells for $72.87 and includes the base game, DLC 1, and the Digital Soundtrack. The final version, Dynasty Edition, goes for $91.46 and includes three different DLC and the Campaign Pack.


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