Tips for safe online gambling

By William Davis


Jul 24, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Many see online gambling as a world full of sharks and not just because there are hundreds of ocean-themed slot games. It’s not necessarily scary in reality, but it’s important to consider one’s safety. 

Remember that the best defense against any malicious online encounters is common sense. Most players will be fine just by making sure they only gamble with money they’re comfortable with losing, avoid unlicensed sites, and don’t buy into the idea that there’s a guaranteed trick to winning casino games. It never works, so the only answer to how to gamble responsibly is to do so with a clear head and for a limited amount of time.

For anyone still wary, there are some details surrounding this to dig into. This list contains some useful gambling tips and tricks that can ensure players feel as secure as possible at any gambling sites USA casino scene might offer.

Always play at legal gambling sites

The most obvious gambling advice is also the one easiest to explain here. The first thing a player needs to do is to select a reliable, licensed gambling service. 

There are thousands of questionable offshore sites that are operating in the United States when they technically shouldn’t be. This can create issues with withdrawals and result in personal data being sold or compromised. The best way to prevent anything like that from happening is simply choosing a reputable iGaming platform. 

Players can confirm sites that are legally operating by checking out the website of their state’s gaming commission. If it’s licensed, then patrons can expect them to follow United States law.

Use bonuses where possible

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“Try and then commit” is a good tip for online betting. No-deposit bonuses allow players to try playing at the online casino of their choice and learn everything about how things work and the interface and options of a site. Depositing money and learning after that a site is inconvenient is a major bummer, so try it before you buy it.

Don’t be tempted by huge promises with bonuses

One of the key tips for gambling is to look past flashy advertisements. While no-deposit bonuses allow players to get a trial usage of a seemingly fun gaming website, deposit bonuses, and promotions of that sort can be misleading. 

Always read the small text under such promises. The site might say it gives you money, but there’s always a catch that makes it hard to withdraw it like gambling 30 to 50 times or needing to make an actual deposit. Bonuses have their place, but shouldn’t be looked at as free money.

Responsible gambling is key

The best way to gamble online is to just have fun and view it as entertainment you’re paying for. Gambling isn’t a job, or a way to make a livelihood, or a ticket to getting rich. Many are concerned with how to win at online casinos but the only way to win is a stroke of luck. Odds are that you will lose what you put in. If that wasn’t the case, casinos would go out of business. 

Putting money into a casino should be looked at in the same way as buying a ticket at a movie theater. You hand over some money, you have some fun, and then you walk away empty-handed but entertained. 

Always remember these three things:

  1. Chasing losses often leads tomore losing. The winning safe gambling strategy is walking away at the right time. There’s a reason why most tips on gambling focus on finding the perfect time for walking away and taking a break. Losing more doesn’t increase your chance of winning down the line.
  2. The best way to win money in the casino is getting lucky and you have no control over that. There is no secret strategy to make money. Most people who offer to teach gambling tricks and how to beat the online casino and earn allowance with them are scammers. There is certainly a level of strategy to games like blackjack but they’re still designed to be based around luck and structured in a way to favor the house.
  3. No player should ever play for money they don’t have. Again, the best way to view gambling is paying for entertainment and not as an investment. Taking out loans or maxing out credit cards is the worst possible way to approach gambling.
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If a player or someone you know went from having fun in online casinos to a full-blown addiction, a responsible gambling hotline is likely available 24/7. But by following some best practices, a player can hopefully avoid this.