Three tips to improve your game that you haven’t tried before

By William Davis


Jun 29, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Every competitive gamer is interested in one thing first and foremost: winning. To that end, gamers around the world are always looking to better themselves and gain an edge against the competition.

Some of the means gamers pursue are obvious. Having a strong internet connection and a high-performance mouse can go a long way towards ensuring that you have your best possible opportunity to take down the opposition.

But not ever potential improvement is quite so obvious. In fact, there are a number of ways you can improve your game that most players never even think of. And these are the real chances to get a leg up, taking steps to better yourself that others won’t.

Better health and sleep leads to better results

We all know the stereotypes about gamers and their approach to proper health, or perhaps the lack thereof. But these stereotypes are increasingly being proven wrong. Top esports competitors are dedicating entire staffs to ensuring that their players are ready to compete at the highest level, and that means keeping them healthy.

But you don’t need a performance team monitoring your every move to improve your health and thus your in-game performance. In fact, this can be as easy as finding the right gear to take care of your needs.

Gamer Advantage is a great example of a company providing everyday gamers with the goods they need to stay healthy and in virtual fighting shape. A slick pair of glasses protecting your eyes from blue light can be all that’s separating you from a great night’s rest and the feeling of being refreshed the next day.

The numbers back it up, too. A Gamer Advantage survey of 6,000 wearers of the company’s glasses showed that over 98% found that they helped improve quality of sleep. Those stats don’t lie.

It can also be as simple as taking a few vitamins to get your body set on the right path. And if it’s really that easy to improve your play, who wouldn’t give it a shot?

Always take a break

This one might seem obvious, but it can be difficult to keep in mind. As tempting as it may be to hop right back into a game after a tough loss, it’s almost always better to stand up, shake loose, and walk off.

Getting into a mindset of having to prove that you’re better than your last performance can quickly lead to errant decision-making, and that’s not going to help you, whether you’re in practice or in an official match. So do yourself a favor and always be ready to walk away when needed.

Focus on improving, not winning

This is a little counterintuitive. If the goal is to win, why wouldn’t you focus on winning?

The reason is simple. Practice is all about improving your individual performance, so that when it’s time for an official match, you’re as prepared as can be. So when you’re grinding away in ranked games or on practice servers, make sure that your first interest is in the level of your individual performance.

You can’t control your teammates, and you can’t control your opponents. But you can always control your own approach to the game. If that approach remains positive, you should have no problem being consistent in your improvement and taking your game to the next level.