Thorin blacklists Fnatic’s Bwipo amid ongoing League drama

By Melany Moncada


Nov 24, 2020

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Duncan “Thorin” Shields has blacklisted Fnatic’s top laner Gabriël “Bwipo” Rau after a recent public disagreement.

Thorin is making sure to never invite Bwipo back to any of his podcasts. The decision came after Bwipo publicly disagreed with one of Thorin’s take on The Crack Down.

According to Thorin, the real reason why T1 refused to sign Nick “LS” De Cesare as its head coach is because the caster is gay. It’s a fact that he believes to be known by everyone in the industry. Thorin claimed that South Korea is less than welcoming to the queer community, leading to the belief that LS may not be accepted.  He also said that homophobia is the real reason behind the harassment LS has received in the past couple of weeks.

Thorin went on to explain how corrupt he believes many companies are in South Korea, and how they always pick a scapegoat when a controversy arises. In this case, T1’s scapegoats would be the Discord moderators that were fired after deleting homophobic comments from the server. A related video has since been deleted from YouTube.

Bwipo, who was part of the conversation, didn’t say anything immediately. The top laner took his time to release an statement disagreeing with Thorin’s generalization of Korean society.

“I was present in a podcast where statements that could be construed as such were discussed. I am uneducated on the subject, and lack knowledge of the culture to discuss such a matter. However, this is no excuse to sit there and accept the generalization of Korean culture when voiced by other people,” Bwipo wrote on a TwitLonger.

Bwipo stops fighting, but Thorin won’t let it go

Bwipo’s apology enraged Thorin, who accused him of being a liar.

Bwipo released another statement soon afterward.

“How is it possible that Thorin knows these specific mental fans “don’t fuck with gay people”? Isn’t it possible these so-called mental fans have gay friends and or family? How can Thorin establish their religious choices? Where is it stated that they are “old-school Christians”? How do these arguments come into play if we are talking specifically about this subset of fans?” Bwipo wrote.

After his second TwitLonger, Bwipo decided to stop commenting on the situation, but Thorin couldn’t let it go. Thorin continued attacking Bwipoon social media.

There doesn’t seem to be any resolution for the drama in sight.


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