This Valorant player created a realistic Prime Vandal out of cardboard

By Fariha Bhatti


May 3, 2021

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Valorant skins can be a bit hard on the pocket. So this Valorant fan took things into his own hands and created a weapon skin from scratch. 

Reddit user RivalRudra designed his own Vandal skin since he couldn’t purchase one in-game. The creator shared the images with other Valorant players who were impressed by the accurate replica of Prime Vandal. 

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Prime skin bundle is one of the legendary cosmetic lines in Valorant. The Prime weapons have a unique sound animation that adds crispiness to aim and accuracy, making them a desired bundle. However, Riot Games’ skin store doesn’t sell a particular item for a long time as cosmetics keep rotating.

Many players couldn’t get their hands on the Prime skin bundle due to the high price of 7,100 Valorant points, and some just missed them on rotation. RivalRudra has still managed to get his own Prime Vandal made out of box cardboard, coloured paper sheets, and glossy photo paper.

The designer revealed that he simplified the designs because he doesn’t own advanced equipment like a 3D printer. The replica took two weeks to be completed, but it looks exactly like a Vandal skin due to its detailing. 

The cardboard skin had an exact gold, black and royal purple body as the virtual weapon. The creator used glossy paper to incorporate the realistic glass-like effect the Prime Vandal skins are famous for. The pictures of Prime Vandal were a carbon copy of the in-game skin, but the creator also attached a shooting video that looked like an animation clip straight out of Valorant. He even replicated the hand movement of the Valorant characters during the weapon inspection animation. 

All in all, players loved RivalRundra’s concept and asked for a guide or measurements. But the skins were “eyeballed,” which is why the creator couldn’t share more details. Valorant skins in real life is a new trend among creative players who are actively playing the game. Previously, another fan developed a realistic default Phantom and received praises from one of the developers at Riot Games. 

How can I buy Prime Vandal? 

While bundles don’t return to the Valorant market after their rotation has expired after 15 days, players can still get their hands on certain weapon skins. The four-skin market switches up individual weapon skins after every 24 hours, so you may want to set your sights on that and pray for a Prime Vandal to pop up. 


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