Valorant fan creates a real-life version of the Phantom

Fariha Bhatti • April 13, 2021 4:21 pm

A Valorant fan has taken his love for Phantom to a whole new level by creating a real-life version of the rifle. 

Reddit user Tinch0n has put his creativity to good use and brought Valorant’s powerful rifle to life in his 3D creation. Tinch0n revealed his work of art in a time-lapse video, showcasing the entire process and hard work that went into this incredible piece. 

The creator revealed that his project took 50 hours over the span of one month to complete. Tinc0n singlehandedly designed, spray painted and put together over a dozen 3D components to devise his model. The insane detailing of default Phantom skin nothing short of perfect. 

To achieve a realistic look, Tinch0n spent hours developing a blueprint that looked exactly like the Phantom in Valorant. The designer replicated every scratch, cut, and bone of the weapon to make sure that it looks and feels like the virtual Phantom. 3D printed parts of the gun were later abutted together and painted to match the dull black rifle. 

His hard work paid off as the end product was a spot-on replica of Phantom. The incredible similarity didn’t miss the eye of Valorant’s Premium Content Art Lead Sean Marino, who acknowledged T0nchin’s work. 

“Holy crap this is incredible!! I love how you went even far enough to paint the scratches and everything that are on the original gun! Amazing job overall,” he said.

The designer received an overwhelming response from the Valorant community, who requested more realistic recreations of their favorite weapons. Tinch0n revealed that he’s already working on a Killjoy Turret and plans to create a real-life version of Vandal next. 

Is Phantom better than Vandal? 

Available for 2900 creds, Phantom is one of the highly picked weapons in Valorant due to its firing rate. The weapon is incredibly effective for aggressive plays, especially for duelist like Raze, who like to burst into sites dancing on top of satchels. However, Vandal’s insane one-tap potential in long-range is keeping it in tight competition with Phantom. 

Valorant’s extensive arsenal features two primary rifles that come for the same price but differ widely in firing rate. Vandal works the best for the one-tap army, but if you like your sprays both in close and long-range duels, Phantom is your best bet. Many Valorant players choose Phantom for its high accuracy and fire rate, making it a fan-favorite rifle. 


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