This Valorant player created a Prime 2.0 knife out of cardboard

By Fariha Bhatti


May 27, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant skins can be a little heavy on the wallet when purchased in-game, so one player has decided created his own real-life Prime 2.0 knife as an alternative. 

A Valorant player has utilized cheap crafting materials to create the expensive and luxurious Prime 2.0 knife. The artist used rough card paper, some pencils, and a pen refill to create a sleek looking melee weapon from Valorant. 

YouTuber The Bored Guy decided to create his very own Prime 2.0 knife, which costs 3,550 VP. The unique foldable knife is one of the most sought after weapon cosmetics in the game, but market rotations are the only way you can get your hands on it. The Bored Guy’s replication of Prime 2.0 knife is not much different from what you get in the game. 

The designer crafted the knife out of cardboard and has ensured that it measures precisely like the Valorant knife. Different layers of the board are glued together to add the Prime 2.0 cuts and angles. Instead of using metal pins, the creator chose pen refills to attach parts of the knife together. The refill pieces allowed for smooth unfolding quality that is a signature feature of the Prime 2.0 knife. 

After the addition of gold and grey spray, the product looked like an exact copy of Valorant’s virtual knife. The whole project undoubtedly cost some money to produce, but it was certainly less than 3,500 VP since he utilized scrap products to whip up this melee weapon. 

How to buy the Valorant Prime Bundle

The Valorant store sometimes features a new bundle that players can buy for more reasonable prices. Players have to shop for each high-priced weapon when the bundle time runs out. The market rotates out the weapons after 24 hours to put up newer skins. So keep your fingers crossed and wait for Prime bundle skins you want to appear in your market. 

Valorant boasts tons of features for casual and competitive players alike, including its battle passes and skins with unique animations. However, these skins aren’t cheap. A single premium bundle featuring five skins costs 7,100 Valorant points. That translate to roughly $75 USD. 


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