This pro uses his hands and feet to play bot and support himself

By Kenneth Williams


Jul 21, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Playing bot lane in solo queue can be a struggle when you don’t know your laning partner. French streamer César “Wakz” Hugues took matters into his own hands and decided that he could play both roles by himself.

A clip of Wakz playing two champions at the same time started trending on social media which showed him playing Lucian with mouse and keyboard, while Yuumi was played with his feet using pedals on the floor. 

His chosen champions are already a popular combination in both solo queue and professional play, with Yuumi being a champion that has been heavily represented in patch notes since her release. Her utility and ability to buff carries in the late game has been a big headache for Riot to balance. Yuumi’s kit fits well to the idea of attempting to play her without a mouse, since she doesn’t necessarily have to move around on her own when she’s not trying to trigger her passive ability.

Pro player Wakz isn’t alone in strange LoL controls

Wakz is a professional player and co-founder of the French team Solary, currently participating in the French national League LFL. On the side, Wakz has his own YouTube channel where he makes LoL content for his 124,000 subscribers. 

Even though Wakz is a challenger level player, the game were played in gold ELO, where he had the individual edge to keep the games competitive while playing two champions at the same time. Wakz won the game after 24 minutes with a 10/2/2 and 0/1/11 score on Lucian and Yuumi, respectively. 

Playing League of Legends in unique ways is something that a number of people have tried throughout the years, some to make fun content and others because they always play in an untraditional way. 

One person known to play League of Legends in fun ways is YouTuber RossBoomsocks, who has played games using everything from bananas to bongo drums. 

Another fun example is former professional player Adrian “Kerp” Wetekam, who played for both Team ALTERNATE and Millenium back in the early years of LoL esports.

Kerp wasn’t just known as a good mid laner. He was also known for his trackball mouse that he used to play with. Kerp retired as a professional player in 2014, but will always be remembered for his unique hardware even though his career was short. 


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