This major Sova exploit can arrow open Bind’s teleporter doors

By Nick Johnson


Jan 25, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Players have found a new exploit that lets Sova’s arrows travel outside the map before bouncing back in bounds and triggering the map’s teleporter doors.

Sova is often overlooked when Valorant players choose an agent thanks to two key weaknesses. First, his arrows are easily destroyed by enemy players, often before they have time to reveal enemy positions. Second, there’s no way for players to guarantee that their arrows won’t bounce off a piece of rogue geometry and off of the map. But a new exploit may cause some players to pick up the underused agent on Bind.

Sova’s Bind arrow exploit is game-breaking issue

It has been revealed that it’s possible for players to fire Sova’s arrows outside the map and give them the ability to open teleporter doors.

I found a Sova exploit that will shoot an arrow through the floor and open A teleporter. from r/VALORANT

The exploit is difficult to pull off. With Riot deciding not to use the map’s graphics and clipping to allow players to find consistent Sova lineups, hitting two arrows in a row is harder than it seems. But the additional interaction between the arrows and the teleporter is troubling, especially since players have never been able to open the game’s teleporters with Sova’s arrows even if they’re fired through the connecting teleporter. This means that the exploit is likely possible with other agent abilities besides Sova’s arrows.

While some exploits end up being useless thanks to how difficult they are to set up, this one could actually change the course of a game on the map. Being able to drop a recon bolt inside Bind’s A teleporter could reveal offensive fakes and rotations, giving the defending team a solid advantage. From the other side, post-plant situations can swing in the attacking team’s favor with the exploit.

Riot needs to help Sova by clipping its maps, patching exploits

Sova is underpicked in Valorant’s competitive mode thanks to his reliance on Valorant’s terrain to make full use of his kit. While Valorant’s competitor, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, features maps that are clipped by developers to prevent grenades from bouncing in odd directions, Valorant takes a more realistic path by keeping its angles and corners unclipped. This occasionally lets players find crazy bounces, but it also results in Sova arrows being unpredictable.

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It gets worse for Sova thanks to how his bow functions. Since his arrows travel different distances depending on how long players draws his bow, inconsistent bounces are all too common in the tactical shooter. Hopefully Riot includes a fix for both the exploit and Sova’s overall inconsistency in upcoming patches, but for now, players will just have to be on the lookout for anyone abusing this particular arrow in competitive games.


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