This Killjoy nanoswarm lineup on Haven makes retakes easier

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 27, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Haven is a tricky map to play as the defenders due to its large area and three bomb points. However, Killjoy can prove to be a great threat on this map if used correctly. 

Maps in Riot’s tactical shooter are unique and differ widely from one another. The other maps’ distinctive characteristics don’t impact the meta as much as Haven’s unique feature: three bomb points. Attackers on this map greatly benefit from hitting the site with weakest defense and then run down the post-plant time due to defenders’ slow rotations on the vast map. Playing Haven as defenders can be a nuisance. 

This Killjoy nano swarm and lockdown lineup can help defenders worry about one site a bit less, allowing them to tighten up control on B and C bomb points. 

Killjoy molly for Haven’s A bombsite

The lineup for nano swarm begins from A link. Stand next to the left wall of A link right next to the boxes, and aim at the ledge of the house. Make sure that crosshair is a bit farther from the wood and aligns with the house’s middle window. Right-click and throw the nano swarm, but don’t deploy it instantly. Walk to the corner of A link and set up Killjoy’s ultimate “Lockdown.” 

Blog post image

Blog post image

By activating the ultimate, enemies will likely take cover into the corners outside of Killjoy’s Lockdown. This lineup for Lockdown screens most of the A bombsite, leaving long corners as enemies’ sole haven. As planned, that’s where Killjoy’s nanoswarm is planted, waiting to be deployed. This is when nanoswarm should be activated, causing substantial damage to the enemies taking cover. 

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This is a great way to prepare for a retake as it doesn’t require a defender to enter the site. Both of these setups allow Killjoy to stay out of danger’s way. The strategy works well in solo queue, but becomes ten times more effective with teammates assisting. Knowing this lineup will also help the defenders play passively on A site and wait for teammates rotations. A planned retake will instantly increase chances of bagging more rounds on the defenders’ side. 

Why Was Killjoy Disabled in Valorant?

Killjoy is generally considered to be an overpowered agent due to her turrets and nanoswarms. Her kit, combined with a good aim, can prove to be extremely deadly, which is why she soon came into the category of the most picked agents. However, most recently, the sentinel was disabled from the game. 

A game-breaking bug through which Killjoy could plant her turret under the map caused developers to remove her from the active agent pool. As if Killjoy’s turret already wasn’t destructive enough, the stealth mode made it impossible for enemies to win a match. 

Soon after it was discovered, the players bombarded the developers to fix the issue. The complaints were acknowledged as Killjoy re-entered the game with a functioning turret that was visible to the enemies.