This Killjoy combo lets her easily get retakes on Ascent

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 27, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Having Killjoy on your team during a game on Ascent can make for an easy win. This post-plant setup for the A site shows how deadly she can be on the defending side. 

Retaking A site on Ascent can be tricky due to its multiple choke points and strong angles. Attackers can hide under heaven, behind the generator, and by A short. However, the most common spot to camp post-plant is A main. Attackers usually plant the Spike for A main and play against retakes from the entrance. It’s a strong position and doesn’t need the strongest gunplay to be effective. 

As defenders, breaking back into the site can be tough in post-plant situations due to the clock. You need to pull off quick executes to ensure that you get to the Spike in time to defuse it. Killjoy can help clear out the site with the help of her ultimate, Lockdown, and Nano Swarm. 

A well-calculated nano swarm and ultimate won’t only enable your teammates to break into the site but will likely kill the remaining enemies holding A main. Here’s how you can execute A retake. 

If you’re rotating back from the B site, pick A garden detour instead of moving towards heaven. Align your crosshair with the wooden crate and aim up at the sky. Equip your nano swarm, using ability HUD as your guide. Place the little line connecting the turret and alarm bot skill at the bottom of the crate, as shown in the image. 

Blog post image

Press the jump key and then throw the Nano Swarm, but don’t activate it just yet. Move towards the cartons and place a Lockdown in the corner. This lineup will ensure that the entire A site is caged, along with the main entrance.

Now comes the fun part. The ultimate will leave A wine as a safe haven for attackers. Naturally, the enemies will move into the little nook where your Nano Swarm is hiding. Activate the Nano Swarm after a few seconds to take down enemies at A wine.

This setup will buy your teammates enough time to defuse the Spike, earning you an easy win. The combination is reusable as there’s not much enemies can do to contest it. Killjoy’s molotov is almost indestructible at the corner of A wine, mostly hidden behind the wall. 

The German agent can be perilous at the defender’s site. Her retake setups can send an enemy team into a panic with a simple molotov. A similar combination can be achieved on Haven’s A site as well, a map where a Sentinel like Killjoy becomes a must. 


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