This Kay/O point B retake setup on Split is super quick and effective

Fariha Bhatti • August 4, 2021 5:19 pm

First released as an initiator but handled as an aggressive duelist, the 16th agent Kay/O is high-octane in retake situations. 

Kay/O is still finding their place in the decorated Valorant roster, where agents often get pulled out of their categories to serve different purposes. For instance, Yoru makes for a great initiator despite his duelist tag. The latest agent, Kay/O, finds themselves in the opposite situation due to a high-tech aggressive kit. Taking site control from a Kay/O guarded point is an arduous task. But you may want to tighten up your post-plant game because he’s OP in retake rounds. 

A new lineup discovered by a player named Prototypel is best to regain point B control for a Kay/O rotating in from point A. 

Best Kay/O point B retake setup on Split

B corner is one of the most common hiding spots for attackers. Unfortunately, it’s also the most difficult one to clear out due to the off-angle. Utilities like molotov or a flashbang can help bring enemies out of their hiding holes. With Kay/O’s suppression blade and flash grenade, you can easily push vulnerable enemies. Here’s how. 

For the Zero/Point lineup, squeeze yourself into the tiny corner at B alley. Look towards the sky and place your crosshair a bit away from the plant, as shown in the image. Press the jump key and then release the blade. The dagger will land on top of a wooden block and suppress all enemies within its radius for 8 seconds. This will allow your teammates to burst inside point B and gain site control. You may want to pair this ability with a molotov for the site corner. 

For the Fragment lineup, keep the same position at B Alley and aim a bit lower. Place your crosshair at the edge of the leaf shown in the image. Jump and throw the flash ball to crush all enemies at point corner. This Fragment drops right in the middle of the corner, dealing maximum damage to suppressed enemies. 

This setup can be a game-changer due to the simple one-point first lineup. It helps to get quick site control as time management is highly crucial once Spike has been activated. Using this setup, you can leave point B to fellow agents as retake is easier with Kay/O on the roster. This setup also pairs well with Kay/O flash that you can eyeball right before stepping inside point B. 


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