This is why Seraphine has the highest win rate in patch 11.3

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Seraphine is performing very well on Summoner’s Rift during patch 11.3, pulling some insane win rates in the bot lane. 

Since her release in October of last year, Seraphine has been a coveted pick for Summoner’s Rift. The enchanter mage has taken the game by storm to start season 11 and is currently viable in three different roles. This doesn’t only make Seraphine an unusually strong pick, but also a very hard champion to deal with in the draft. Her win rates are through the roof and it’s probably only a matter of time before she gets hit with a nerf.

While Seraphine was originally designed for the mid lane and support positions, she is currently performing the best as a bot laner. With a 57.38% win rate in the bot lane so far on patch 11.3, Seraphine is sitting at the highest win rate in the game by far. Behind her is Skarner with a 53.95% win rate, which almost seems low compared to the rate Seraphine is pulling. 

Why is Seraphine so strong in the bot lane?

The reason for Seraphine being so strong in the bot lane is mostly due to strong items and her great potential to outscale any opponent. Her appearance in the bot lane lane can be compared to Sona when she was a contested pick for the same position. Seraphine won’t be the classic hyper carry that is usually seen in the bot lane, but rather a utility machine that will only get stronger as the minutes go by. 

Since Seraphine relies a lot on her utility, the Moonstone Renewer mythic item is a must on her. The item allows consistently heal allied champions when in combat through its Starlit Grave passive. Furthermore, the healing effect increases the longer Seraphine is in combat. This is perfect for a champion such as Seraphine who likes drawn-out fights. 

It’s also common practice to buy Staff of Flowing Water on Seraphine, to get a movement speed and ability power buff whenever an ally is healed or shielded. These two items alone allow Seraphine to buff up her allies while also being a threat herself. Follow up these two items with more ability power and Seraphine becomes a late-game monster. 

Seraphine is the strongest flex pick in LoL patch 11.3

While Seraphine is terrorizing the bot lane, she is also very viable for the mid lane and support roles. In the mid lane, Seraphine is sitting on a 53.53% win rate, which is the sixth-highest among all champions. As a support, Seraphine is performing a bit worse with a 51.94% win rate, but it’s still more than enough to succeed. 

Pulling these numbers in three different positions makes Seraphine a scary flex pick that can practically work in three different positions. This makes it hard for anyone to draft against Seraphine, which often results in a quick ban during champion select. 

K/DA Seraphine

What role is Seraphine in League of Legends?

As of patch 11.3, Seraphine is viable as a support, mid, and bot laner. Her flexibility is very hard to deal with and this makes Seraphine a scary pick in almost every game. 

Does Seraphine heal?

Seraphine can heal through her Surround Sound (W) ability. Surround Sound gives nearby allies movement speed and a shield. If Seraphine is already shielded, she can heal her nearby allies instead. The heal restores health based on how many allies are near her. 


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