This is what happens if a game ties in Pokemon Unite

Christian Vejvad • August 5, 2021 3:14 pm

Unlike other MOBA games, Pokemon Unite has a theoretical chance of tying games with its point system. Even though the chance for this is very slim, players are starting to experience ties in both ranked and normal matches. 

On a recent trending post on social media, it was discovered that a tied game in Pokemon Unite will in fact be decided and a winner will be rewarded no matter what. In the case of tying in points, the winner will be the team that reached the tied score first. This will guarantee a winner in every Pokemon Unite match, despite the theoretical chance of a draw. 

When tying a game, the end screen will say that “in a draw, the team that reached the tied score first wins.” In the trending example, the player and their team had tied a ranked game 405 points to 405 but still ended up with the victory for reaching the score first. This means that in any case, it’s always best to get the early lead even though some games might change drastically in the late game with Zapdos spawning. 

How does the Pokemon Unite point system work?

What enables ties to be a thing in Pokemon Unite is the fact that the game is based around a point system. In other MOBAs, such as League of Legends and Dota, it’s all about killing the enemy base first. This is not the case in Pokemon Unite as the base can’t be destroyed. 

Instead, Pokemon Unite is all about scoring goals with points collected by killing wild Pokemon and opposing Pokemon opponents. With this system, the game is essentially about scoring on the opponent’s goals. These goals will essentially be destroyed when a certain threshold of points has been scored in them. Four goals can be destroyed in total but the goal right in front of the enemy spawn can’t be destroyed at any point. 

When the time runs out in the given Pokemon Unite game mode, the points for each side will be counted and the ones with the most scored points win. This point system is a completely new take on a MOBA game and it’s already taking the MOBA playerbase by storm. 

The biggest strength of this concept has seemed to be the fact that a Pokemon Unite game takes a set amount of minutes. Unlike League of Legends, which can take anything between 20 and 50 minutes, Pokemon Unite players are always aware of how long a game will be.

If this new take on a MOBA will ever grow big enough to become a real competitive esport is still unknown. But for now, it’s already clear that Pokemon Unite games can be extremely intense, especially when the points are tied. 


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