This is how Valorant agents would look as Among Us characters

Fariha Bhatti • June 16, 2021 2:13 pm

Ever wondered how Valorant characters would look as Among Us imposters? 

Cir Draws is an avid Valorant player famous among the game’s community for his artistic creations around Valoranr characters. His most recent design included fierce, battle-scared agents in a new avatar that is just as cute as it’s hilarious. Cir Draws squished tall, heroic Valorant agents into palm-sized cutesy Among Us crewmates. 

Among Us was originally published in 2018 but picked up steam two years after the release when famous Twitch streamers took a liking to the game. Valorant also came out of beta in 2020 as the hot new shooter game that changed FPS esports. Both the games were all the hype in 2020 and Sir Draws has now merged the characters of two popular games to create miniature Valorant agents. 

Valorant agents have had tons of creative art made on them. Previously, a designer turned the agents into regular McDonald’s employee by adding iconic hats on each character. However, Cir Draws unique art style and concept is second to none. The designer fit the style of each agent into tiny Among Us characters.

Cir Draws has created all Valorant agents, including the new recruit Astra. He made sure that characters are easily identifiable by adding the signature detail of each agent. Skye’s iconic braid merged with large Among Us face protection looked hilarious. The designer also took Astra’s galactic touch, Killjoy’s large spectacles, and Sova’s eye sparkle into consideration while creating the agents. 

It was a bit hard to tell between Raze, Brimstone, and Breach due to a similar color palette. However, the designer smartly added a signature Breach goatee, Brimstone hat, and Raze Crossmark to set the agents apart. 

Cir Draws has previously created tons of Valorant art that had a realistic comic-style touch. He added high-definition effects to his Valorant drawings and combined them with short and hilarious storylines. The artist recently started creating child-like versions of Valorant agents, which has evolved into Among Us imposters. 

Can you create Valorant agents in Among Us?

It’s still not possible to buy Valorant skins in Among Us, but you can create a few agents using existing skins. For example, Killjoy look can easily be achieved by picking a yellow crewmate and adding a green hat.  You can also buy a cute pet that could act as Killjoy’s little turret. 


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