Here’s how Valorant agents would look as McDonald’s employees

Fariha Bhatti • May 18, 19:11

Have you ever wondered what Viper’s job would be if she weren’t a fierce Valorant controller? A fan has an idea. 

Twitter user McValorant’s new art is going viral among the fans of Riot’s shooter for all the right reasons. The creative player has turned the sparking Valorant agents into McDonald’s employees. 

Players have always imaged Valorant agents to be fierce, cut-throat superhumans. Or shadows, in Omen’s case. These characters have heroic lore and histories that include failed experiments, ghosts, and brave sacrifices. However, McValorant’s agents are your everyday McDonald’s workers that wear black visor hats with a bright yellow logo. 

The creator added the famous fast-food chain’s hats on all agents for his unique piece of art. He first uploaded an image of Cypher with McDonald’s head, which ultimately broke the internet. More photos soon followed. But no other agent suited the McDonald’s agent persona as well as Raze. The duelist already wears a headset so a typical microphone attached to it completed her McDonald’s employee look. 

He also created a fun little cartoon double of Killjoy attached with her turret. The character wore a cute cap and was painted in the classic hues of McDonald’s. 

McValorant received tons of appreciation from the Valorant community, who loved their fantastic art pieces. Fortunately, the artist created the images in the form of player icons so everyone can use them across social media platforms. High-definition images can be picked up from Pinterest

Is Valorant coming to mobile? 

According to reliable leaker “PlayerIGN,” the mobile phone version of Riot’s shooter may arrive sooner than expected. The data miner has revealed that Valorant Mobile will be announced at E3 2021, which will take place around mid-June.

There have been plenty of rumors about Valorant mobile since the official release of the game in 2020. Data miners found a curious leak while browsing through code following the release of patch 1.08. A functional mobile UI could be seen on the screen, hinting at the release of Valorant’s Android version. This was back in September 2020, so a mobile version should be expected soon. 


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