This is how to unlock and play as Zeraora in Pokemon Unite

By Steven Rondina


Jul 21, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Pokemon Unite has arrived and early adopters on the Nintendo Switch now have the chance to obtain a free Pokemon license for Sun and Moon mythical Pokemon Zeraora.

This is easier said than done, however. While the Pokemon is available for free now, it’s not especially obvious how to obtain it. This is made even harder with Pokemon Unite’s sometimes unintuitive menu system.

But fear not, it isn’t all that difficult to add Zeraora to your roster if you know where to look. Here’s how to add the electric type Pokemon to your roster.

How to get Zeraora in Pokemon Unite

Just follow these steps to get Zeraora in Pokemon Unite:

  1. Press the X button on the main menu
  2. Scroll down and select “Mail”
  3. Select “System Messages”
  4. Open “Launch Bonus” mail
  5. Press A to claim reward

After completing these steps, players will receive the license for using Zeraora. The Pokemon can be used by selecting it on the character select screen at the start of battle.

How long will Zeraora be available in Pokemon Unite?

Zeraora is available for free in Pokemon Unite until August 31. Players will be able to obtain the Pokemon for free until that day. It is unclear whether Zeraora will be available after that, or if it is a truly limited edition Pokemon.

This means that players do have some time to pick up Zeraora, but there’s no reason to delay. Brave the menus and add the Pokemon to your lineup now.

Zeraora moves in Pokemon Unite


Zeraora is a Pokemon built around moving quickly and hitting hard. Fittingly, the Pokemon starts with Agility and Slash as its first two moves. Agility sees Zeraora zap forward and gain bonus attack speed. Slash hits the Pokemon with a series of attacks and knocks them back on the final blow. 

Agility can be upgraded into either Volt Switch or Spark after hitting level six. Volt Switch works similar to agility, but lets Zeraora zap back to the starting point where they first activated the skill. Spark blinks Zeraora, and the ability is chained together with a series of attacks. The choice effectively boils down to Volt Switch offering greater mobility while Spark has greater damage potential.

At level eight, slash can be turned into either Discharge or Wild Charge. Discharge has a variety of effects, dealing damage in an AOE, giving Zeraora a shield, and pulling stunned opponents closer to Zeraora. Wild Charge is another mobility option that sees Zeraora charge forward and deal damage with the option to chain into Volt Switch or Spark for a high-damage combo.

Zeraora’s Unite move is Plasma Gale. This creates an AOE through which enemy units take damage over time and Zeraora enjoys increased damage and attack range.


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