This is how to fix the Valorant version mismatch error

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Valorant has been experiencing a number of errors lately, but some players have encountered the mismatch error most frequently. It can be a real pain to deal with, but solving the issue is possible, and this is how.

Fixing the issue is actually simple. Players need to close out of the game and restart the client. This will prompt players to download the latest version of the game, and that should fix the mismatch error. If there’s no prompt given for an update, the game may need to be downloaded again, or the installer may need an update loaded onto the computer in order to receive the prompt in the first place. 

Once the download is complete, it should eliminate the error. This comes up when players are trying to connect to the server and don’t have the correctly updated version of the game installed. It is a common issue that players run into, but is luckily something that can be fixed. 

What is the Valorant version mismatch error?

The version mismatch error is simply when a player loads up the game while running an outdated version of the game. Developers very often patch their games for hotfixes or content updates, and when players don’t update their game, they are met with the version mismatch error.

This error was also prevalent in the beta when friends would try to play across regions, because some regions had different versions of the game. This shouldn’t be an issue for players anymore since the game has launched. There are a few occasions where updates will be released on slightly different schedules according to regions, so some players may still run into this issue and not be able to get a fix until the patch is applied to all regions. 

Because the game has fully launched, players aren’t running into these issues quite as frequently, but can still be annoying to encounter such issues when starting up the game to play with friends. Luckily, the issue is easy to fix and doesn’t require any help from the Valorant team in order to play on.


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