This is how to change your name on Twitch

By Olivia Richman


Jan 2, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Sometimes memes get old. Sometimes an old joke between friends will seem cringe years later. Luckily, Twitch allows users to change their name to avoid permanent username regret. 

After the streaming community continued to ask for ways to change their usernames, Twitch declared that name changes were possible as of 2017. Streamers can now change their name once every 60 days. 

How to change your username on Twitch

Changing your username on Twitch is luckily very easy. Select “Profile Settings” and then scroll down a little bit. The setup of this settings section has changed a little bit since Twitch first announced the update, but it’s still quite straightforward. 

Under “Profile” in “Profile Settings” you’ll see a section like the one below. Here you will see your existing username. To change the username, simply erase the name already filled in the section and write in the new name you have in mind. Just make sure it hasn’t already been taken. Then press “Save Changes” in the bottom right corner. 

Twitch name change

You must have a verified email account to update your username. In the same section of your settings, you’ll find an email field. If your email hasn’t been verified, you’ll see a message in that section informing you which next steps you have to take to do this. This involves having an email sent to your address and then clicking on the verification link Twitch sends you. 

If you don’t see the message, your email has already been verified and you’re free to change your username. 

What happens when you change your username on Twitch?

According to Twitch’s official website, the abandoned username will be held for about six months. If you haven’t gone back to that username in that period of time, Twitch may return it to the pool of available usernames for other Twitch accounts to use. But some partner usernames will never be recycled in this manner. 

Twitch also noted that inactive usernames are not available. 

“Please note, during the testing period for this feature, we found that certain streamers will lose access to their streamer stats upon execution of a username change. To preserve your streamer stats, you must export them prior to changing your username. It should also be noted that the URL for your channel page will change and the old one will not redirect to your new one, so be sure to update the link wherever you are using it externally,” Twitch explained

For many people, the hassle of a name change is worth it. Sometimes a new username can reflect a newfound interest or a legal name change. Sometimes a username change helps reflect a new identity. And sometimes it can simply get rid of an old meme you just don’t laugh at anymore.