This insane Viper ultimate by Fnatic’s Mystic can win you rounds on Icebox

By Fariha Bhatti


May 25, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Fnatic wiping out KRU Esports in the opener series of Valorant’s first LAN event wasn’t unexpected, but Mystic’s unique Viper play has turned many heads. 

The opening match of the upper bracket between Fnatic and KRU Esports was a one-sided win for the Boaster led roster. However, when the LATAM and European Valorant meta clashed, Fnatic’s Mystic opened his secret strat book and brought out a ridiculous Viper lineup. 

The British player blocked out all the enemies at Icebox’s point B with the controller’s poisonous pit. The ultimate acquired the whole Spike area, where the team planted the bomb and safely watched over the package. The poison flowed from inside Kitchen and extended towards the rafters at default B. 

The team already had the lead but Mystic’s confidence to singlehandedly plant the Spike under his ultimate was a bit intimidating for struggling KRU. Specifically, when the enemies’ Viper also tried using the ultimate at A site but failed to have as much impact. Here’s how you can replicate Mystic’s Viper pit in the game. 

How to plant Spike at B using Viper’s ultimate

Viper is a powerful agent on any map when used appropriately. If you’re a strong fragger, site takes can become extremely easy as her ultimate allows free entry inside any point. All you have to do is activate the poisons, and the pit will push enemies out of the area, clearing out the site for the entire team. Mystic did something similar, but he had heavy support from his teammates. 

For this lineup, you’ll need to layout a screen from mid to Kitchen so you can safely enter the kitchen area. Place a tilted wall from mid and request a teammate to help you get tube control. Once you’re inside the Kitchen, move farther inside the tube and stand at the last section, as shown in the image. 

Blog post image

Place your crosshair at the end of the tube and activate the ultimate. The pit will cover the top rafters and most of the Kitchen, denying entry from the flank. You can safely plant the Spike on top and move back inside to watch it over. This is a relatively rigid angle to retake for defenders, making this ultimate a true game-changer for the attackers. 

Mystic also shot a doze of snakebite to ensure the round win. You can pair Viper’s ultimate with either her own molotov or a teammate Killjoy or Brimstone’s utility to make sure that Spike remains safe. 


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