This handicapped Valorant player uses a crazy custom setup

Olivia Richman • November 5, 01:20

Reddit is often where the Valorant community goes to complain. But recently, one player decided to share a positive story about how they can still play the tactical first-person shooter despite having a disability. 

Reddit user “YHJ_JYG_Kryptlock” stated that they have mild cerebral palsy in their left arm and leg. This limits their hand movement, making it nearly impossible to play with a mouse and keyboard on PC. 

The passionate Valorant player explained that they first tried playing on an Xbox controller, but quickly found out that it was “useless” against keyboard and mouse opponents. Other players naturally had better range of movement and faster reaction times. 

“I needed to think of a way where I could still play with the precision of a mouse but have the ability to use my left hand to move my character around,” the player explained. 

This led them to create their own custom Valorant setup. 

Valorant handicap setup

The setup consists of a Razer Naga mouse with 12 buttons on the side and a flight stick. The agent’s abilities are bonded to the buttons on the mouse, meaning they can use a mouse effectively. They also learned a program that allowed the WASD keys to bind to a flight stick, something they have done in the past when playing console games. 

“When I move my flight stick left it pushes the ‘A’ key to go left if I move it to the right it pushes the ‘A’ key to go right etc,” the player said. “Thus I was finally able to play Valorant with nearly the same level of fairness as any other player.”

The setup has worked great for them so far, except they can’t maneuver keys quite as quickly as most players using traditional controls. To counter this drawback, the player won’t do jiggle peeking or anything else that requires these faster movements. 

The Valorant player is hoping to open a computer repair shop that creates custom gaming rigs for people with disabilities. This will allow other handicapped players to take part in popular competitive titles as well. This has led them to contemplate how to incorporate VR into custom setups, allowing handicapped players to be fully immersed in a world “and do things that they could never do in real life.” 

The post proved very encouraging for other players. Their creativity and dedication to the game won them a lot of karma. Some Valorant fans with similar disabilities ended up meeting with them on Discord to discuss creating their own setups. 


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