This German YouTuber plays League of Legends with a bicycle

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There are many different ways to play League of Legends, but German YouTuber Maxim Markow has taken it to the next level by playing the game with a bicycle. 

The popular content creator hooked up a bicycle to a raspberry pi, which enabled him to control the game through his bike and how quickly he was pedalling. It was set up so that Maxim had to pedal at a certain cadence to unlock his different abilities. The cadence is also called the “pedaling rate,” and is measured from the number of revolutions per minute. 

The abilities were unlocked from his Q ability all the way up to his ultimate, and for every ability he had to pedal a bit faster. According to the video, he had to pedal with 1.16 revolutions per second to unlock his Q ability. For the ultimate, he had to pedal at 2.80 revolutions per second while also focusing on his mouse, keyboard, and screen. It’s fair to say that it turned into a great cardio workout for him in the end. 

Maxim Markov uses crazy controls to play League of Legends

While the idea is original and hasn’t been done before, it was not the most effective way for Maxim to play the game. He was playing normal games against mostly gold and platinum players, and did not do very well. 

Maxim started out by playing Singed, and he ended up losing the game with a 2/6/0 scoreline. The game was followed up by another speedy champion in Ramus, but yet again it was a defeat with a more solid 6/9/20 scoreline. 

Maxim is known for playing League of Legends in various untraditional controls and entertaining his viewers while doing so. The bicycle setup is another one for the collection. One of his most popular videos is of him playing League of Legends through blocks of ice. He has also played the game with a dance pad and through other similarly crazy techniques.  

What Maxim will come up with next is hard to tell, but it’s likely to be equal parts unexpected and entertaining. 


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