This easy tip might help you land more headshots in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 29, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Are you tired of whiffing easy shots in Valorant? A new trick could drastically improve your crosshair placement. 

Developer Riot Games has bolstered Valorant’s gunplay to great effect in a recent patch update. With running accuracy getting a nerf and weapons becoming cheaper, players finally have a chance to flex their crisp aim after all of their time spent practicing. However, poor crosshair placement can ruin your games and make you lose easy aim duels, no matter how snappy your reactions may be. 

A new trick shows the perfect way to land your crosshair on an enemy’s head and improve your headshot percentage. All you have to do is focus on crates and boxes across the map, as Valorant player named BashBruuh showed in a clip

Valorant agents are generally tall and lean, so their hitboxes can be a bit hard to track. Crates can help you keep your aim in check. The many boxes placed around the game’s maps are almost the same size as opposing agents and can act as a guide for your crosshair. Average crates measure just as long as your enemy Breach. So when there’s three boxes stacked on one another, know that the enemy might be as tall as the first default box.

You may want to keep your crosshair aligned with the first box. For example, you’re shooting an enemy at Ascent’s A short. That’s where the enemy’s head will appear, ensuring you a crisp headshot. The same goes for wooden boxes and green crates on most Valorant maps. 

Each Valorant agent is as tall as three boxes, which should help you calculate your crosshair placement. It’ll take some time for you to work on your reaction time while you anticipate your next shot. But you’ll find it easier to place your crosshair more accurately after some time. This trick will drastically impact your gameplay in lower and medium ranks. 

What is the best agent for beginners in Valorant?

Released in patch 3.00, Kay/O is the best agents to play for beginners. Unlike Astra and other recent agents, this initiator has a simple kit featuring a molotov, flashbang, and a suppressor. Using his dagger, he can easily deactivate the deadly powers and abilities of other agents. His other mechanics are pretty easy to learn, making him an ideal pick for new Valorant players. Other than Kay/O, beginners may find it easy to understand Brimstone, who also has a simple set of abilities. 


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