This Confessor build will get you a strong start in Elden Ring

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Elden Ring players who want to build around faith but are unsure about other stats should pick Confessor for their first playthrough.

Confessor is one of Elden Ring’s most balanced starting classes. Solid all-around attributes and plenty of faith grant access to a ton of different weapons, but the starting equipment is good enough to stick with until the mid game. The class uses a mix of sneaky offense and holy incantations, making Confessor a great starting class in Elden Ring. Here’s how to build it to the maximum.

Is Confessor a good starting class in Elden Ring?

With access to extra healing and excellent starting gear, Confessor is one of the best starting classes in all of Elden Ring.

The biggest draw for a Confessor is excellent starting equipment. The broadsword is strong and easy to modify with Ashes of War, and the Blue Crest Heater Shield boasts 100% physical damage block right from the get-go. The armor is somewhat weak to special damage types, but it’s easily the most fashionable starting gear, which basically balances it out. Urgent Heal can be cast while moving, which is a major benefit over the Prophet’s starting heal.

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Unlike most other starting classes, Confessor starts with an equal 12 points in strength and dexterity. This means that minimum requirements for most weapons are only a few levels away. Quality builds with both strength and dexterity appear to be quite strong, but solid base stats makes it easy to transition to faith-strength or faith-dexterity.

Confessor is the easiest class to build in Elden Ring

Confessor’s great stat spread makes it one of the most versatile starting classes to build in Elden Ring.

After getting your hands on some early runes, the best early levels for a Confessor are vigor. A relatively low starting total makes it easy to get one-shot by bosses or larger overworld enemies. After this, it’s relatively easy to go into whatever stat you want. Just a few points into strength and dexterity is enough to use almost any weapon in the starting zones. A solid plan for the Confessor is to just play until you find a particular weapon that you really want to use, then dump stats into it. 

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For this reason, Confessor is a great class to pick for players who have no idea what to choose. This starting class is only a few levels away from using whatever they find in the overworld.

If you want to keep your options open when exploring the world of Elden Ring, Confessor is perfect. Those who just want a quality weapon to use in the starting area, trigger Bloody Finger Nerijus’ invasion in the river near Murkwater Catacombs. He drops the Reduvia, which scales off dexterity and arcane has a bleed buildup effect.


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