These digital gaming trends might be ready to boom

By Jared Wynne


Jun 16, 2020

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The gaming industry is one of the most competitive arenas in the world, and it’s not limited to competition between gamers. The industry’s developers and innovators need to keep improving to hold onto their slice of the market. One extraordinary move by a competitor and a rival company could lose vast amounts of revenue. For this reason, the gaming industry is constantly evolving and full of new trends.

Below you can find insights into five of the latest gaming trends and why they are performing so well.


Esports is already massive in Asia, and it is steadily growing across the rest of the world. Even princes of royal families are getting involved. Interest has surged in esports over the years, and its audience only continues to grow. With more money being pumped into the industry via new fans and additional sponsorships, we can expect only more growth from the industry moving forward.

Live casino gaming

Live casino games now make up one section of online casinos. These games are becoming more popular because they are as close as one can currently get to a real casino experience. They will remain so until virtual reality casinos become the norm. These types of games are getting more innovative as well. Instead of just playing classic games, live dealer games now include other game types not likely to seen or played before for most players.

Cloud gaming

Cloud gaming is when one plays video games on multiple devices without the need for a gaming console. As one swaps devices to something less powerful than a dedicated console, the game might not look quite the same. But as cloud gaming improves, we can expect more players to buy into subscriptions, and the resulting online community will grow. Getting more online players is key to success, and when that happens, cloud gaming will boom.

Smartphone gaming

Due to cloud gaming and the pending 5G connectivity across areas such as Japan, the use of smartphones to play games is only expected to grow. Players with cloud gaming subscriptions will be able to use their smartphones to play games with impressive graphics, although they may need to carry a controller around with them. This will be made possible due to more powerful smartphones and improved internet connectivity.

What about virtual reality?

Virtual reality gaming has already come about, and gamers can buy VR headsets today. However, the technology is still in its infancy within the gaming industry and in other sectors. It will likely become a force once it has been better refined. But it’s hard to predict when the strength of virtual reality gaming will become a reality.

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