MbS has reportedly spent over $6,000 on TI10 Batle Pass

By Olivia Richman


Jun 1, 2020

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One of the biggest spenders in Dota 2 is Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, according to reports. Since the International 2020 Battle Pass arrived two weeks late, the Saudi Crown Prince has spent over $6,000 on his account that has the handle Purrrrrfect Devil Angel Yukeo. WIN.gg could not independently verify whether the account belongs to MbS.

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The battle pass attached to the evel 14,430 in just four days, which would carry a price tag of over $6,000. This has his battle pass standing as the largest of any Dota 2 player, with the second place almost 4,000 levels and $1,500 behind him

The account that reportedly belongs to MbS didn’t just start splurging on Dota 2 this year. The owner has dropped significant sums on the battle pass for several years in a row, dropping $70,000 over the last three years on the Battle Pass alone. 2018 was the biggest year on this front, with over $42,000 spent on the battle pass alone. He reached Level 175,000 in 2017, a record. 

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The account attached to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has played over 10,000 matches in Dota 2 since 2011. While his play-time is private, he has reportedly spent over 9,000 hours playing Dota 2 and 550 hours in Team Fortress 2. The owner has a 51% win rate in Dota 2. 

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Dota 2 would be one of MbS’s few wholesome activities

The name Mohammed bin Salman might ring a bell for some. The Saudi Arabian prince is a notorious human rights abuser. He is best known for being accused of ordering the assassination and dismemberment of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi and extrajudicial incarceration of women’s rights activists. More recently, he has begun incarcerating family members that may lay claim to the throne in opposition of him.

The International 2020 Battle Pass has all of the same content it has had in the past, but with a few added bonuses, including a yet-to-be-named game mode exclusive to Battle Pass holders. The biggest addition to the Battle Pass this year is the return of guilds, which were last seen in 2015. Guilds will be assigned challenges which lead to in-game rewards. There are also an abundance of new skins, challenges, and game modes.