These are the worst champions for solo queue on LoL patch 11.3

By Christian Vejvad


Feb 10, 2021

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League of Legends patch 11.3 has set its stamp on the meta but some champions are lackluster and not great in solo queue.

Patch 11.3 is full of viable champions for every position on Summoner’s Rift, but a few champions are seeing some terrible win rates at the other end of the chart. While champions like Seraphine, Udyr, and Renekton are having the times of their lives, other champions are struggling to find a foothold in the meta. It’s time to take a look at some of the worst-performing champions in solo queue and why that is. 

Pantheon has the worst win rate on patch 11.3

All the way at the bottom of the chart is Pantheon, who is sitting at a poor 42.97% win rate in the jungle from Platinum rank and above. The engage-heavy jungler has a high ban rate at 21.2%, but when he is finally picked it’s not with a lot of success. 

While Pantheon is currently performing well in professional games, it’s not the same in solo queue. Pantheon is a strong pick in the early game and can be a big threat if he gets a lead, but the downsides are too big. If Pantheon doesn’t get rolling in the early game, he will often be dead weight in fights later on in the game. 

His win rate clearly shows that, indicating that other junglers are currently much stronger options. The current jungle meta is all about power farming and only ganking when it makes sense. Pantheon is great at setting up ganks, but his clearing speed can’t match champions such as Udyr, Graves, and Karthus. 

Silverfang Akali

Akali is performing poorly in several positions on patch 11.3

Next up on the list is Akali, who is currently struggling in both mid and top lane. The Rogue Assassin has seen a lot of play since her rework that was introduced back in 2018. Since then, Riot has struggled to balance her, which has resulted in Akali constantly moving in and out of meta. 

As of patch 11.3, Akali is taking up the bottom positions when it comes to win rates. Her win rate in the mid lane is at 43.65% and 44.14% in top. This puts Akali at the second and third-worst win rates respectively only beaten by Pantheon. 

The reason for her poor win rates is likely due to the fact that mid and top lane are currently dominated by champions with a lot of healing. Akali is known to be a nuisance when she can dive the enemy backline and make quick assassinations without being burst down, but that’s hard in the current meta.

That’s mostly because healing items like the Goredrinker and Moonstone Renewer are top-tier options. Furthermore, sustain champions like Seraphine, Swain, and Udyr are all highly prioritized picks that Akali doesn’t perform well against.  

Sett is struggling as a support during patch 11.3

For support mains who like to play Sett, patch 11.3 is not the time. The Boss is currently in a very bad state for the support position, only winning 44.73% of his games. After some nerfs in previous patches, and the fact that Rell has entered Summoner’s Rift, Sett is no longer needed as an engage support. 

While engage supports are currently good picks in the meta, champions like Rell, Galio, and Leona are all too strong to make Sett a considerable option. Sett is still a decent pick in both the mid and top lane but look for other champions when playing the support role.   

Obsidian Dragon Sett

What is the current patch for LoL?

League of Legends is currently on patch 11.3, which is the third patch of season 11. 

When will LoL patch 11.4 go live?

The next patch will be 11.4, which is set to go live on February 18. Before that, patch 11.4 will be available for testing on the Public Beta Environment (PBE).