These are the best items and moves for Zeraora in Pokemon Unite

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One of the most popular Pokemon so far in Pokemon Unite has been Zeraora, who can be unlocked for free when signing up for the game. This has given plenty of players the chance to try out the speedy jungler and get to feel how well it can carry when getting a lead. 

Zeraora is a physical melee attacker in Pokemon Unite, falling under the speedster role. This basically means that Zeraora has a lot of mobility in its kit and will be good for the jungle position where roaming around the map is key. Meanwhile, Zeraora is also a decent scorer and a great offensive Pokemon in general. Zeraora is a great mix between a Pokemon that relies a lot on abilities and auto-attacks. Furthermore, Zeraora isn’t the hardest Pokemon to master so picking it up early to climb the ranked ladder is by no means a bad idea. 

To learn more about Zeraora in Pokemon Unite, here’s a brief guide on the best items and moves to pick. 

Zeraora Pokemon Unite

Best Pokemon Unite build for Zeraora

As mentioned, Zeraora is a physical attacker that likes to be on the offense. This clearly reflects in the following items that any Zeraora player should consider picking up and upgrading. The stronger items Zeraora has, the more it will be able to snowball a game right off the bat. If Zeraora gets some quick levels and kills, it will be an unstoppable Pokemon even in the late game. 

Muscle Band

The first item worth investing in for Zeraora, and maybe the best core item of them all, is Muscle Band. This item has almost become a primary item on all carry Pokemon and the same goes for Zeraora. The item alone will boost damage a whole lot and give Zeraora the strength on auto attacks that are needed. 

Scope Lens

Another offensive item that is crucial for Zeraora to pop off is Scope Lens. This item will help Zeraora dish out as many critical attacks as possible, which is essentially what makes a melee attacker do insane amounts of burst damage. Scope Lens will increase critical hit damage and chance, so this is a must-have. 

Float Stone

Float Stone is an item that Zeraora wants to have in most cases but can be swapped out for other offensive options depending on personal preference. Usually, Float Stone will be the safest option as it adds strength to the jungle position. Float Stone will increase movement speed when out of combat, giving Zeraora a better opportunity to make effective roams. Float Stone will also provide extra damage to basic attacks. 

The best Pokemon Unite battle items for Zeraora

For the battle items, there are a few different options for Zeraora. The most common one will be Eject Button, which will give an instant teleport for extra mobility. As a squishy Pokemon like Zeraora, this effect is always useful. 

Since Zeraora has a lot of mobility through moves, Eject Button isn’t a must-have. Another great option is Fluffy Tail, which will stun nearby wild Pokemon and help Zeraora out in the jungle. Full Heal is another option that will temporarily make Zeraora immune to status effects such as stuns and slows.

Zeraora Pokemon Unite

Best moves for Zeraora in Pokemon Unite

When it comes to Zeraora’s moveset, it’s all about combining its AOE damage with mobility. Zeraora is very straightforward when it comes to their moveset but is also able to make some fancy outplays and combos by utilizing Volt Switch specifically.  

Slash (level one)

Right from the first level, Zeraora wants to take Slash first to get the fastest jungle clear as possible. This is also the case if Zeraora plays in a lane, as Slash will both damage and displace the target hit. 

Volt Switch (level five)

After gaining the first few levels, Zeraora has to decide which type of mobility move it wants. While both options in Volt Switch and Spark are viable, Volt Switch will often be the best choice because it can set Zeraora up to make great outplays and trades while getting out safely. WIth Volt Switch, Zeraora can dash in and unleash its combo and then press Volt Switch again to return to the original destination. 

Discharge (level seven)

Level seven is where Zeraora really starts to pop off and deal damage with Discharge. This is an AOE damage ability that will also provide Zeraora with a shield to survive in melee range. Discharge will help Zeraora in team fights, skirmishes, and clearing wild Pokemon camps at record speeds. 

Plasma Gale (Unite Move)

The last move that Zeraora gets is the Unite Move Plasma Gale, which is unlocked at level nine. Plasma Gale deals damage to surrounding enemies and knocks them backward. While charging Plasma Gale, Zeraora gains a big damage buff as well. 

Plasma Gale combines very well with Discharge and is an ability that should be used to start off a big fight. With Discharge on top, Zeraora is an AOE machine that can decide a fight on its own.  


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