Elden Ring Samurai

This is the best way to play and build a Samurai in Elden Ring

By Nicholas James


Feb 26, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

If players know how to build a Samurai in Elden Ring, they can cut their way through the game with little trouble. Or at least, less trouble than others.

The Samurai class offers powerful early gear and can become a close-range monster, able to both take hits and deal serious damage on predictable opponents. From entering Limgrave to the later stages of the game, here’s how to build a Samurai in Elden Ring.

Are Samurais good in Elden Ring?

Samurais are a very good starting class in Elden Ring.

The Samurai class offers good armor and both ranged and melee capabilities mixed with powerful weapon skills. The Samurai focuses on Strength and Dexterity, using the Uchigatana as its main weapon in combat. The Uchigatana is best wielded two-handed due to its powerful special ability, Unsheathe. The Unsheathe skill places the Samurai’s weapon in their sheath before unleashing a powerful arcing blow with more reach than its normal attacks.

The Uchigatana also builds up the Bleed effect against its targets, making it exceptionally useful against elite monsters and certain bosses. Due to the slow speed of Unsheathe and the sweeping regular attacks, the Uchigatana is most powerful when a player has well-memorized an enemy’s move set. Knowing when it’s safe to drop an Unsheathe into an enemy can result in hundreds of free points in damage.

How to build a Samurai in Elden Ring

A good Samurai build in Elden Ring should level dexterity, mind, and vigor first, then focus on maxing dexterity.

Dexterity is key for dealing damage, but dropping a few points into mind will allow more Unsheathes without needing flask charges. Unsheathe is a very powerful tool for Samurai in pretty much every encounter, and having the ability to use it whenever the situation calls for it is critical.

Eventually, most Samurai will want to add a Keen Ash of War to their blade, increasing its dexterity scaling. While strength will have more early benefits, dexterity triumphs in the long term as the more efficient statistic. Vigor is another crucial stat, as you’re sure to take extra damage as you rush into melee range of foes to use the Uchigatana.

At the same time, Samurai players should lean into the Uchigatana’s excellent special skill and bleed effect early on. Use the bow and Power Shot to pick off enemies on the edge of large groups before engaging the mob.


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