These are the 3 best agents to play on new map Breeze

Fariha Bhatti • April 26, 2021 8:21 pm

Breeze is finally here and it’s absolutely great. 

The sixth Valorant map is a fun, playful addition to the generally grim map pool that basically had a color palette entirely made of gray and brown. The new location is completely the opposite, with the tropical location serving as a background for tight chokepoints, restricted aim duels, and a heavy focus on ability usage. Breeze is an ideal map for Vandal users who like to tap down enemies from long-range, but like any other map, agent abilities come front and center.

Some of the most popular agents may fall flat on Breeze. Sova is one of the most highly picked agents by pros, but his bow and arrow may slow down the team on a map as large as Breeze. Due to the distance and range, Raze may also see a low pick rate. 

The new location is here to change Valorant’s meta. These three agents will show how. 

Viper’s screen helps her take over Breeze

One of the least-played agents, Viper shines the most on Breeze. The controller hasn’t seen much playtime on other maps, but her kit is devastating on Breeze.

Her lengthy wall can block wide angles and create new angles that can force enemies into dangerous positions. Since being buffed, her screen deals deadly damage to enemies coming in contact with the poison, making her an ideal agent on the Attacking side. 

Astra could finally see some action

Astra is still new to the Valorant roster. Despite the incredible hype around her release, the agent has generally underwhelmed. Breeze could finally see her get regular play.

The large map calls for heavy smokers like Brimstone or Omen, but Astra can reutilize her stars and smoke out critical angles. Unlike other controllers, her kit is versatile and allows her to support the team better. On a large map like Breeze, defenders can use Astra’s incredible map control to win a game. 

Yoru could see a boost from Breeze

Intel gathering and map control are two crucial factors to take control on Breeze. Like other new agents, Yoru has a low pick rate, but Breeze may change that. His ultimate can help gather information and facilitate quick rotations on Attacker’s side. Due to the map’s size, he can effectively utilize his teleport ability without audible sound cues. His TP has long been overlooked due to the loud alert it makes, but Breeze’s size would help him cover a larger area on the map without giving away his position. 

The unique design of Breeze will bring overlooked agents to the forefront, but duelists like Jett and Reyna will remain viable as well. Jett’s dashes and updraft will make her a strong Operator user on Breeze. Sage can also execute aggressive plays with her unique wall setups. Players can also analyze the pro Breeze gameplay and agent selection at the VCT Masters Finals in Reykjavík, Iceland on May 24. The map will make its pro debut weeks after the release, Valorant esports team announced. 


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