These are all the Escape From Tarkov bosses

By Nicholas James


Apr 24, 2023

Reading time: 4 min

Escape From Tarkov is one of the most hardcore, punishing shooters available today. If you’re looking to master this difficult game, here’s a complete list of all of the Escape From Tarkov bosses and where to find them.

Escape From Tarkov has lots of mechanics that separate it from similar shooters, one is incredibly powerful NPCs known as bosses that pose just as much of a threat to you as other players. From heavily armored bruisers to stealthy snipers that will kill you without being seen, bosses come in many shapes and sizes.

This is our guide to all the bosses in the game, their loot, and their locations.

Escape From Tarkov bosses

The Rogues

There are three Rogues who all technically qualify as bosses. These three are Knight, Big Pipe, and Birdeye. Knight has a unique mask and plate carrier, Birdeye has a unique frame system and Chest Rig, and Big Pipe wields a unique grenade launcher and some cosmetics.

They can spawn on Customs, Woods, Shoreline, and Lighthouse. They spawn at the Scav Base on customs, the northwest antenna on Woods, the Shoreline weather station, and both the water treatment plant and the blue chalet on Lighthouse.


Reshala is the regular Customs boss, spawning at one of several locations on Tarkov’s most-used map. He has a unique pistol that’s required for a quest, so you’ll need to kill him at some point. He comes with four heavily armed and armored guards, so be prepared for quite the fight when you do try to take him down. This boss can spawn at Dorms, the construction base, and the new gas station on Customs.


Glukhar is the brutal bruiser of a boss who, until recently, was confined to Reserve. No longer, as he has a chance of spawning on Streets of Tarkov as well. Glukhar wields an exceptionally lethal ASh-12 assault rifle and 5-6 heavily armored guards. He’ll spawn with five guards on Streets of Tarkov, and 6 on Reserve.

The simple truth is that Glukhar is best left avoided unless you absolutely must fight him. If you’ve got no choice, or have a quest that requires it, he spawns at the K building, all of the Knight buildings, either barracks with the black bishop or pawn, and the underground storage area.


Sanitar is the Shoreline-exclusive boss who’s both annoying to take down and equally rewarding. Spawning with an exclusive keycard and a bag full of expensive medication, there’s plenty you could want from Sanitar’s stash. Spawning with 2-3 heavily armed guards, Sanitar spawns at the Health Resort, the pier, or near the abandoned cottages on Shoreline.


The Woods-exclusive boss that spawns only at the Lumber Mill, Shturman is a deadly shot with his sniper rifle. He’s the highest potential value of any of the boss, since he holds the key to a stash that can hold outrageously expensive items like the Red Rebel melee weapon.

Accompanied by two guards with similarly deadly weaponry, Shturman is best taken out from long range rather than risking the exposed interior of the Lumber Mill. Shturman is highly valued for the key that he holds and the huge price it demands on the Flea Market consistently.


Tagilla is the Factory-exclusive Escape From Tarkov boss, and he’s equipped for the tight confines of that map. Equipped with a sledgehammer, one of two welding masks, and a plate carrier, Tagilla destroys players in melee. Be ready to dump tons of damage downrange or get your bones broken by the lone-wandering Factory boss. Tagilla is just another aspect to make Factory even more chaotic and dangerous than it is by default, and he does his job.


Killa is the Interchange-exclusive boss, and he’s no laughing matter. The truth is that most encounters with Killa are best kept short and ending with you running for the hills, hoping to live another day. Killa spawns all on his own, but that doesn’t make him any less dangerous.

Heavily armored and wielding weaponry that can shred you in a single second, Killa is one of the most dangerous bosses in the entire game. He spawns in the Interchange mall or the parking lot below, and wanders the area.


The latest boss to be added to the game, this sniper scav boss is found exclusively on the Lighthouse map. He’s part of the spit of land that holds the titular lighthouse. He watches the road to the Lighthouse and its trader like a hawk.

If you’ve got any intention of making it to the in-game trader at the end of that walkway, you’ll have to contend with Zirachiy. He’s got a unique balaclava and chest harness, but is armed with a variety of deadly sniper rifles. Zirachiy is programmed to aim for the legs, maiming players before putting them out of their misery.


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