Saints Row 2022 release date, platforms, multiplayer, and more

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Beloved gaming franchise Saints Row is making a comeback in 2022. Here’s everything we know so far.

While originally thought of as a Grand Theft Auto clone, Saints Row quickly carved out an identity as a much wilder urban sandbox. The previous recurring cast of characters and zany storylines are being replaced with a more modern take on the formula. Here’s everything you need to know about Saints Row 2022, from release date to platforms to a sneak peak at the game’s new content.

Release date and platforms for Saints Row

The announced release date for the new Saints Row game is August 23, 2022.

Saints Row development studio Volition has confirmed that date, but plans could still change before the launch. This 2022 reboot will be the first Saints Row game since Saints Row IV in 2013. While it still maintains the violent and cartoony vibe from the original series, the new Saints Row is effectively a brand new game removed from the previous series’ conventions. 

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Saints Row will release on August 23 for all of the following platforms.

  • PC
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series S
  • Xbox Series X

The game will be available on both digital and physical storefronts on the same day. Developer Volition has not announced plans to add Mac or cloud gaming services to the list of Saints Row 2022 platforms. PC players can purchase the new Saints Row through Epic Games Store. 

Is Saints Row 2022 a remake?

Saints Row 2022 is not a remake of any prior Saints Row game, as it represents a fresh reboot for the franchise. 

The new Saints Row game features a completely new cast of characters without Shauni, Johnny Gat, or anyone else from the original games. Instead players control a custom protagonist and works with a new group consisting of mechanic Neenah, smoother talker Eli, and mastermind Kevin. 

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While not a remake of the older games, Saints Row 2022 attempts to capture the same spirit as its predecessors. The gameplay focus is on urban crime, but the flavor of the game is unapologetically wacky. Characters run around wearing giant mascot suits while wielding science-fiction space lasers. The game also brings back the famously complex character creator from the original Saints Row series.

Will the new Saints Row have multiplayer?

Saints Row 2022 will feature cooperative multiplayer at launch with similar rules to the original games.

While conquering the streets of Santo Ileso, players will be able to drop in and out of each other’s games seamlessly. Missions completed in other player’s world appear to affect story progression if the player switches back to single-player mode. As for the story, the game will likely ignore any accompanying cooperative players.

As for online features in the new Saints Row, players may have to wait until the official release date to learn more. Saints Row could have alternate online game modes similar to Grand Theft Auto V. Volition has not confirmed the ability to join sessions on differing platforms. Considering that the release date is approaching quickly, its safe to say that Saints Row will not feature crossplay.


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