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There’s something much worse than a mimic in Lethal Company

By Kenneth Williams


Nov 28, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The unique scares of Lethal Company practically guarantee that players will eventually pick up loot that’s actually a mimic, but is that really the case?

Lethal Company has become a massive breakout hit, becoming the most popular non-Valve game on Steam with peaks of over 180,000 players. Its unique blend of supernatural horror and emergent comedy gives it something for everyone, but the indie darling is missing an obvious trope. There’s not quite a mimic in Lethal Company. Instead, there’s something much worse.

As of the most recent update, Version 40, there is no mimic monster in Lethal Company. All loot that shows up on the scanner is safe to pick up. 

However, there is one monster that unsuspecting players might mistake for valuable treasure. The jester is an enemy that first appears like a jack-in-the-box toy. However, after it finishes playing music, it becomes an extremely powerful monster that can quickly wipe out the team. It’s fast and instantly lethal and will track down the rest of the squad after killing its first victim. The only real solution is to exit the facility as quickly as possible, as it’s unable to go outside.

With no mimic, are there any dangerous items in Lethal Company?

While there are no items that can directly kill you, a few items can lead to humorous deaths in Lethal Company.

Certain loot can lead to dangerous situations. For example, items that emit noises, like teeth and rubber ducks, can alert dogs patrolling the spaceship. The radiation emitted by the apparatus doesn’t seem to have any real effect on gameplay, but it can still raise the tension.

Lethal Company stop sign

For now, the only valuable item that can deal damage to you in Lethal Company is the beehive, which causes bees to swarm the players and occasionally sting them. The hive is worth a lot of money, so it can be worth grabbing on the way off the moon. Besides, anyone willing to pick up a beehive probably knows what they’re getting into.


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