The top LPL teams are moving up in the world LoL rankings

By Christian Vejvad


Mar 21, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

The second League of Legends team ranking of March is now seeing several LPL teams close in on the top spots, as five LPL teams are ranked in the top 10. 

Another two weeks have gone by since the last LoL team ranking, and it’s still DWG KIA and G2 Esports sitting in the top spots. But as the playoffs are getting near in all major regions, the Chinese LPL teams are starting to move up in the standings and challenge for the top ranking positions. The biggest challenger is the defending LPL champion Top Esports, who are on a big hot streak in the LPL and are aiming for yet another trophy.

LoL Team Rankings

DWG KIA is pulling ahead of G2 Esports on LoL team ranking

Starting at the top, G2 was getting close to knocking down the world champions in the last LoL team ranking, but that isn’t the case this time around. Since our last ranking, DWG KIA has continued to remain undefeated while G2 had a shaky final week of the 2021 LEC Spring Split regular season. G2 ended up finishing the regular split with the first seed but lost two out of three games in the last week.

This is being punished on the ranking as G2 is suddenly looking shakier than was anticipated. On the other side, DWG KIA continues its dominance despite having locked in the first seed for playoffs. The world champions are currently looking to put together one of the most dominant regular splits in LCK history, which obviously pays off in the rankings.

If G2 wants to catch up to DWG KIA again, then a flawless playoff is likely needed. As DWG KIA is also looking like a big favorite in Korea, the two giants might have to duke it out at the Mid-Season Invitational to settle the jockeying for the top spot in the ranking once and for all.

Caps and Rekkles

Top Esports and JD Gaming challenging the top three

Behind the two top teams are Top Esports and JD Gaming ,who are both looking strong in the LPL just as they did last season. The two teams played against each other in both LPL finals in 2020 and that might be repeated in 2021. With that said, other challengers are coming for the trophy this split as EDward Gaming, FunPlus Phoenix, and RNG are all performing well at the moment. 

The heavy competition in the LPL is also reflected in the team ranking. Five teams in the top 10 remain are from the LPL, and this time two of them are in the top five. Top Esports is currently sitting in third, only a few points behind G2. Another bad performance from G2 might be enough for Top Esports to overtake them. 

If Top Esports suddenly start to perform badly in the LPL after its current seven-game winning streak, JDG will be ready to pick up the scraps and enter the top three. Between these two LPL teams and the other three are the LCS’ Cloud9 and Team Liquid, as well as the LCK’s Gen.G, so the remaining LPL teams will have to do some work to do in order to climb further in the rankings.  


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