The top 5 most expensive AWP skins in 2022

By William Davis


Feb 1, 2022

Reading time: 4 min

Counter-Strike’s Operation events have been released in CSGO for many years. A big part of these are new skins for guns, as well as the more recently introduced agents.

Across these events, AWP skins are often the most highly sought-after. Many players want their AWP to look good and will trade or spend their way to getting them.

It’s worth taking a look at the most expensive AWP skins available in CSGO as of 2022. These skins can cost as much as a car, and anyone that has one should consider themselves lucky.

Factory New Dragon Lore AWP

One of the best-known weapons is the Dragon Lore AWP. The Dragon Lore still manages to be the most expensive skin on the market even after seven years. 

While many other expensive skins are colorful, this one is relatively low-key, with a shimmery sheen over a red dragon with black accents on the rifle. The combination adds an exotic feel to Dragon Lore that stands out, but doesn’t look as toy-like as other guns. However, in terms of price, the Factory New version is valued around $10,000. It still manages to sell out quickly despite that price.

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Price: $9,673.13 – $12,828.01

Collection: The Cobblestone Collection

Released: July 1, 2014

Case: Cologne 2016 Souvenir, Atlanta 2017, Boston 2018, ESL One 2015

Factory New Gungnir AWP

Second on the list is the Gungnir AWP. This one trades in flashy colors for a blue and white pattern along the body of the rifle with a candy-striped barrel. When examining the skin in the game, it’s one of the most impressive guns even if it doesn’t stick out from across mid in the way some others on this list do. 

The skin is slightly cheaper than the Dragon Lore AWP at this time. That could change over time however, as it was part of Operation Shattered Web’s Norse Collection which may rise in value in the future.

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Price: $8,769.99 – $9,897.97

Collection: Operation Shattered Web – The Norse Collection

Released: November 18, 2019

Factory New Medusa AWP

It is one of the most popular AWP skins after the Dragon Lore in CSGO is the Medusa AWP. The skin comes with a unique design. The body of the Sniper is painted a dark blue. It lives up to its namesake with a Medusa pattern drawn on with snakes running from the butt of the gun down to the bipod. 

The snakes in Medusa’s hair spread over the whole body of AWP, which looks incredible when the player inspects it. It’s much cheaper than the Gungnir or Dragon Lore, but it’s no less nice to look at. The factory new and minimal wear versions keep the design intact, and it does lose its luster more than other skins with lower qualities.

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Price: $4,454.33 – $4,999.00

Collection: The Gods and Monsters Collection

Released: May 26, 2015

Factory New The Prince AWP

The Prince is a nice and colorful AWP skin. When you look at the body of the rifle in the game, you can see the flower patterns painted in red. The middle of the AWP reads “Pax Tibi Marce Evangelista Meus” and there is a dominant black on the barrel. The skin has one of the most elaborate designs in all of CSGO with detailing on the tip of the barrel and along the scope. 

This rifle does hold its value much better than some of the other skins on this list. While a Factory New model runs up to $4,000 and change, a Battle-Scarred model will run for around $2,000. That’s comparable to a Battle-Scarred Dragon Lore despite the much higher asking price for a Factory New model.

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Price: $3,641.99 – $4,058.59

Collection: The Canals Collection

Released: November 18, 2019

Factory New Fade AWP

This list is rounded out by the newest “big” CSGO skin release with the Fade AWP skin that was released in December. The skin is much cheaper than some of the other rifles on this list but is still fetching $800 in Factory New condition. 

The gun is loved by fans for its distinct look and its relatively affordable price. The body of the skin blends purple, pink, red, yellow, orange and black colors. The sunset pattern makes it one of the most eye-catching guns on this list despite having a much smaller price tag.

It was just one of many new skins added in December, so check out the other cosmetic items and prices released with the Operation Broken Fang update.

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Price: $702.89 – $801.66

Collection: The Control Collection – Operation Broken Fang

Released: December 3, 2020

CSGO has hundreds of skins and each player has their own preferences for guns. A pricy skin is nice, but it won’t do anyone much good if it just sits in an inventory unused. If you’re looking for something different, we invite you to take a look at our list of the best weapon skins in CSGO.