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The three best items in Fortnite Chapter 4

By Nicholas James


Dec 12, 2022

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Fortnite’s yearly change has brought tons of new content to the island, here are three of the best new weapons in Fortnite Chapter 4.

As with any new chapter of the game, a bevy of new items and weapons have been unvaulted and added to the game. If you’re looking to switch up your playstyle from last season, here are some of the best new weapons in Chapter 4 that you should keep an eye out for.

The best new weapons in Fortnite Chapter 4

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The Shockwave Hammer

There’s no single item that has changed the landscape of Fortnite games in the new chapter more than the Shockwave Hammer. Like Grapple Gloves and the Spider-Man webs, the Hammer has fundamentally changed the mobility of players in the new season. With the ability to suddenly bounce up hills, past walls, and propel enemies out of safe positions, the game has changed. Some players have even taken to carrying two Shockwave Hammers in order to give themselves maximum mobility. In short, this item is the single largest change to how you will play matches, and you should prioritize it as such.

The Red Eye Assault Rifle

The best mid-range weapon at any given time in Fortnite tends to define the meta in a variety of ways. Since most fights happen across hills, within towns, and between points of interest, a player’s ability to dish out damage from a distance is key. The Red Eye Assault Rifle is pinpoint accurate from a surprising distance and can still output serious damage at close ranges. There’s very little that’s fancy about the new AR, but its satisfying red dot sight and consistent damage make it one of the best new items,.

Twin Mag SMG

The Twin Mag SMG is one of the most powerful new close-range options. With two magazines, the first reload of the Twin Mag SMG happens especially fast, even faster, with the Light Hands augment. This short-range bullet hose allows you to quickly dump shots into opponents before switching to another weapon to finish them off if need be. If all you care about is putting a copious number of shots downrange, the Twin Mag SMG is for you.


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