The story behind Apex Legends: Kill Code episode one

By Nicholas James


Jul 22, 2023

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A new Apex Legends miniseries has just been released, Apex Legends: Kill Code follows the in-world stories of several Apex Games competitors and we’ve got everything you need to know compiled here.

Apex Legends takes place in the same universe as the Titanfall games. This is a far-future universe in which major factions fight over planets and resources with borderline-magical technology. Part of the universe that was established in Titanfall and expanded into Apex Legends was the Apex Games, deadly, high-octane gladiatorial combat that was wildly popular in the universe. While we’ve had glimpses into the pasts and present of many Legends, this new Apex Legends: Kill Code series shows us the first real ongoing storyline that Apex has had.

What is Apex Legends: Kill Code?

Apex Legends: Kill Code is going to be an ongoing narrative event that will take the Apex Legends story further forward than ever before. This will be a narrative journey that extends over the course of a year. It will walk fans through the intrigue and mysteries that their favorite Apex Games competitors are unraveling. It’s unclear exactly where the wider narrative will go, but the first episode begins with Loba, Lifeline, and Mad Maggie. The three break into a secure facility to find information on Durado Silva.

Who is Duardo Silva?

Duardo Silva is two people, in a roundabout way, but we’ll get to that in a moment. The original Duardo Silva is the father of Octavio Silva. Fans of Apex Legends will better know Octavio Silva as Octane, one of the playable Legends. He was the CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals and was close with Darion Che, Lifeline’s war profiteer father. However, the original Duardo Silva is not the man currently flaunting about the Apex-verse with that name.

The original Duardo Silva died of mysterious causes some time ago, and Duardo’s Father, Torres, Octane’s grandfather, has stolen his identity. Since then, he’s been pulling the strings behind much of Apex Legends’ mysteries. A recent cinematic shows him meeting with Ballistic. During this, it is revealed that the fake Duardo was the one to force Ballistic to re-enlist in the games. This cinematic also confirms that Torres Silva has taken his dead son’s identity after he grew sick and died. Torres/Fake Duardo is angry at Octane for squandering the medical stims he researched for the real Duardo’s sickness as a sports enhancement in the Apex Games. So now that we know exactly who Loba, Mad Maggie, and Lifeline are searching for information on, let’s get into Kill Code itself.

What happens in Apex Legends: Kill Code episode one?

The first episode of Kill Code begins with Lifeline, Loba, and Mad Maggie showing up at an old bar Maggie used to frequent. They interrogate the bartender about the locations of Duardo Silva, who has been “snooping around” the area. After some persuasive hand-stabbing by Mad Maggie, the bartender reveals a location that will “show [them] why [he’s so scared of Duardo Silva.]”

The location is a huge locked bay door that leads to an enormous facility. Loba easily unlocks the door thanks to her teleporting bracelet. The three make their way through an abandoned central hangar space. Lifeline boots up a computer and discovers that these facilities are scattered all over the Outlands.

Mad Maggie tosses an inactive Spectre droid over the edge and sets off an alarm. This calls a horde of security Spectres to assault them, as Lifeline is downloading the information on this location and all the others across the Outlands. In a high-octane action scene, the three make their daring escape from the facility just in time to make it out alive.

They are rescued by Valkyrie, Loba’s girlfriend, and another playable Legend. Valkyrie flies them all to safety. Lifeline notes that she hopes that they extracted enough data to learn what Silva is planning. Maggie assures her that her “egghead friend” will sort out the data for them. As the episode ends, Loba is seen holding a small red device that she’d stolen from the facility. With that, part one of Kill Code ends.

Part one ending explained

The episode ends with security footage of the trio’s heist, and one of the cameras zooming in on the data drive that Lifeline inserted into the facility’s computers. The camera reveals that the data drive has Crypto’s symbol on it. This means that Crypto is likely the “egghead friend” Maggie mentions, and to who the group is taking the data. This ending segment is meant to be footage that the fake Duardo Silva has seen. This means that next episode, the group may have more on their hands than they bargained for, between Loba’s theft and Silva knowing where they’re going.

That’s everything you need to know about the first episode of the new Apex Legends miniseries, Kill Code. There is no currently announced date for the second episode of Kill Code.


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