7 best video game-themed slot machines

By William Davis


Jun 8, 2022

Reading time: 5 min

Online gambling is already a game, so slot machines themes after video games is a natural progression. Video game-themed slots offer a wide variety of gambling opportunities that will make regular gamers feel right at home. When it comes to picking the right machine for you, there are plenty of options to consider. Of course, the most important thing about them is how often they pay out. 

Tomb Raider Slot Machine

The official Tomb Raider tie-in slots machine is one of the best ways to combine your favorite types of gaming. Lara Croft’s fan base increases with every new title, which now totals up to 20 games in the series. Whether you recognize the character as Angelin Jolie from Croft’s movies or as a retro action star, the Tomb Raider herself adds a little extra to every spin. On available sites, players uncover symbols while picking points-worthy artifacts at every stage of the game.

While playing the slot game, players take on the role of Lara Croft fighting against villains and looting underground temples. This is one of the best slot games with lots of actions across 15 pay lines and 5 reels. There are unlimited bonuses available, and you can play on your phone or desktop.

Resident Evil Slot Machine

Players in love with horror video games may be excited about this one. You can win a lot of real money from playing Resident Evil on slot machines online. Resident Evil is known for its scares, with lots of zombies everywhere you look.

Resident Evil is originally a game series, but many people recognize the franchise from its movie spin offs. Now, avid fans can play it as a slot machine. Cautious gamblers can now choose a reputable casino on the reviews platform casino online Polska to enjoy the limitless game featuring the zombie shooter. The slot game makes it easy to get bonus points as you kill your way through the zombie apocalypse.

Call of Duty

This video game-themed slot continues to draw avid gamers by the day. Call of Duty is one of the most popular video game franchises of all time, so it’s no surprise that there’s a slot machine spinoff. Cryptologic Software bought the rights to create an online slot version of the series. Years after the launch, the Call of Duty slot has remained a continuous hit in online casinos.

Players navigate their way through 25 pay-lines and 5 reels using as much firepower as possible. It has a smaller jackpot than some other games on this list, but it can pay as high as $100,000. Call of Duty IV: Modern Welfare slot comes with impressive graphics and symbols ripped straight from the game. The special landmine feature adds another layer to play.

Space Invaders

Every video game lover should have an experience with Space Invaders on PlayStation, the Atari, or even in the arcades. Classing gaming fans often name Space Invaders as one of the best classic games in the history of arcades. The slot machine version displays space fighting in its simplest form. Players get to attack the aliens attempting to invade planet Earth for a chance to win big.

Space invaders’ online slot comes in ten pay lines and five reels. The developers use game-accurate sound and animations throughout the presentation. To get a win for massive payouts, you’d have to get as many aliens as possible with the same colors. Classic gamers will appreciate the old-school features the most.

Street Fighter 

The first version of the popular Street Fighter series came out in 1987. It became famous all over the world for its sequel. Italian gamblers should be able to recognize many names and faces featured in the official Street FIghter II slot machine. They usually look for secure and trustworthy casinos on casino Italia online platform, which lists secure sites and offers reviews from experts.

Gamers get more than a few wagering chances since this Street Fighter-themed slot has 25 pay lines. The symbol options make it more interesting as everyone gets a chance to get free boxing gloves and other poker symbols.


Here’s another slot game that allows you to bet real money on thrilling assassinations. The Hitman slot offers multiple pay line options to increase the chances of cashing out big. After every victorious round, players can earn as much as $270,000 in real money.

There’s also a good chance of sequencing and influencing the results on Hitman. It’s available on mobile and desktop to enable you to sync your devices and play in real-time. The Contract Promo feature enables players to select a preferred weapon for Agent 47, which adds a calling card to every pull.


During the early internet era, Zuma quickly became one of the most popular video games. Since then, the game has branched out to nearly all platforms. Fans of the classic title will appreciate the symbols and music ripped straight from the original Zuma. There are 20 pay lines across the game, meaning plenty of opportunity to get a payout.

Zuma has five reels on every slot machine with a few familiar symbols to help newbies get started. It doesn’t take much learning to start making real money on Zuma. Newer gamers and veterans can both appreciate this video game-themed slot machine.

The best video game-themed slot machines aim to be as fun as their namesakes

When it comes to slot machines, themed games can be fun to play. This list features some of the best themed slot machines available to gamblers across the globe. Aside from their themes, each game offers a unique combination of potential jackpots and pay lines.

Many websites offer demo versions of the listed games for people looking for fun without having to stake real money. Every game listed has a unique storyline, method of playing, and design layout to guarantee a thrilling experience. Their themes, symbols, and icons from classic and modern video games are added features that aim to make them more fun and exciting.


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