R6 Data Portal

The Rainbow Six Siege Esports Data Portal is coming

By Olivia Richman


Mar 18, 2024

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The Rainbow Six Siege Esports Data Portal — also known as the R6DP — is coming soon.

Ubisoft and GRID have collaborated on the R6DP, a data platform aimed at pro teams competing in the BLAST R6 season. This platform is the first of its kind for Rainbow Six Siege and reveals a lot of interesting information that can improve player performance.

What is the R6DP?

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Rainbow Six Siege Esports Data Portal is a free data-focused platform that will allow teams to “search, query, filter, or download data” from matches free of charge. This will help teams make data-driven evaluations and strategy analyses.

The database provides information that pro players may not be able to get a hold of otherwise.

Read a statement from Ubisoft: “The system is easy-to-use, enables fully-automated ingestion and allows private data access through a secure application-based user interface.”

“Granting access to official data serves as a cornerstone in fostering the sustainability and expansion of the Rainbow Six Esports ecosystem. The collaboration with GRID marks the inaugural step towards further evolving R6 esports, and we can’t wait to see our pro teams elevate their play!” the blog post continued.

Teams will get access to R6DP during Stage 1 of the upcoming season. This will allow teams to collect useful data ahead of the Manchester-based Major in May.

The response has been largely positive from the esports community. Many have applauded Ubisoft for finally creating a way for esports teams to access source data, with one claiming that they’ve been waiting “10 years.”

Can players use the R6DP?

Unfortunately, the new data program will only be for competitive esports teams. However, this would definitely be an interesting update for other players since R6 is seeing a surge in competitive players. The game reached one of its highest player counts in history earlier this month when Operation Deadly Omen dropped, bringing Deimos to the roster.


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