The popularity of esports in Finland

By William Davis


Jan 22, 2024

Reading time: 3 min

Electronic sports, or simply esports, has become an extremely popular phenomenon all around the world. The idea of being able to manufacture sports-like games electronically and let people participate in them with their computers is simply ingenious. This has created a new world where even those who are not necessarily athletically gifted can compete in games that require dexterity and strategic understanding.

Finland is one country that has taken a particularly keen interest in the esports genre. Finnish people have long been known for their progressiveness and technological acumen, which have been great grounds for the country to also come on top in esports. In this article, we will go over the popularity of esports both in Finland and in general.

Esports is fueled by human competitiveness

As long as the world has existed, the human species has wanted to compete with each other. While we were not there, we can easily imagine cavemen competing on who hunts down the biggest mammoth or dares to ride the deadliest saber-tooth tiger. Since the world has become more modern, the ways of competing have changed but the ethos has ultimately stayed the same.

Esports is, of course, not that different from the so-called real sports. For a person to be able to compete and do well, they will need to have a very specific set of skills. While these games do not necessarily require as much athleticism, players still need to have good physical conditioning for them to endure long and demanding gaming sessions. Furthermore, esports games require extremely good hand-eye coordination as well as quick decision-making and the ability to perform under pressure.

Finns and esports betting

Finland is a small country located in what is called Fenno-Scandia. While Finland only has a little more than 5.5 million people, the country is known to do extremely well in many sports. Winter sports such as ice hockey are especially popular in the country, and they have also been covering good ground with football and basketball as of late. Olympic sports and Formula 1 are also perennial favorites in the country.

For Finns, sports is a great way for the small country to showcase its talents to the world. This is why so many people both watch sports and want to place bets on sports betting sites. The brand Verovapaatnettikasinot lists many popular Finnish casino sites that also offer sports betting on the side. More often than not, esports is also on the list of available sports.

Finland also has several famous and popular esports teams that have done well in international competitions. The most famous one would probably be ENCE, but there are others as well. Below is a list of some well-known teams hailing from Finland:

  • ENCE (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, StarCraft II)
  • Havu Gaming (CS:GO)
  • Helsinki REDS (CS:GO, Fortnite, League of Legends)
  • SJ Gaming (CS:GO)
  • KOVA Esports (CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege)
  • SuperJymy (CS:GO)
  • Vitality (CS:GO)

All of these teams are familiar names for Finnish esports enthusiasts as well as welcome names on Finnish betslips.

Finnish educational initiatives

Finnish politicians as well as educational institutions and schools have slowly also begun to recognize the potential of esports. As a result, some schools even offer courses for students to practice esports gaming and get a feeling of what it is like to compete on the global stage. This way, Finland is hoping to get a competitive edge by creating a new crop of potential esports talents that can one day take on the world.


Esports is just getting started. Lately, there has even been talk of esports perhaps one day finding its way to the Olympics. Even though this has not yet happened, even the fact that these talks are being had implies that another major change may be coming in the next 8 to 12 years or so. And when that happens, there is no doubt that the Finns will be primed and ready for all the opportunities that it brings!


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