The Night. Market’s cheap skins are coming back to Valorant

Fariha Bhatti • April 8, 16:15

Valorant’s Night. Market has returned with epic in-game cosmetics available at some very low prices. 

After its reveal in December, the discount store has once again returned to Riot’s tactical shooter. The cosmetic retail shop slashes down the rates of the most luxurious skins for players who’d rather not buy the more expensive bundles in the game. 

The shop will go live on April 7 and will run until April 20. The glowing icon will appear among in-game tabs after a minor update, offering fascinating ornaments for weapons. The store will feature six cards that players can flip for free. Upon flipping, players can score the skin of their choice from the slots that will reveal valuable weapon cosmetics. The market will bring skins for pistols, rifles, and even knives at low prices. The developer guarantees two Premium skins to ensure that everyone can reap the benefits of the cheaper Night. Market. 

Riot Games has recently introduced a ton of new skins, so cross your fingers and hope for a glitch pop Odin or Prime 2.0 phantom to appear on your Night. Market. 

What’s Valorant Night. Market? 

It’s no secret that Riot Games’ free-to-play shooter’s in-game cosmetics are priced high. Moreover, players must buy expensive bundles that sometimes include skins for weapons they barely use in the game. Night. Market appears in Valorant every once in a while to rectify these in-game cosmetic issues. 

The discount shop offers aesthetic skins for your desired weapons at lowered rates. Players are provided with six cards, but you can toss as many as you want if you keep buying skins. To reflip a card, you must purchase a weapon initially offered in its slot. 

The Night. Market had numerous shortcomings when it was unveiled as part of the winter update in December. Players complained about getting the same weapon picks after rolling cards, which restricted their shopping options. The developer listened to these woes and has patched the store to better tempt buyers. After the update, players won’t get the same weapon skins more than twice. Moreover, the shop guarantees two Premium Edition items that normally cost 1,775 RP, making them the most valuable gun cosmetics in Valorant. 


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