The new F1 manager game is officially launching

By William Davis


Apr 1, 2022

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Many have dreamed of leading our very own Formula One team to glory. That vision excites F1 fans and gamers all around the world and will soon be a reality.

Frontier Developments has teamed up with Formula 1 to release F1® Manager 2022. Its the first of its kind managerial game in F1 that promises players authentic and thrilling experiences on and off the track. Frontier Development hasn’t revealed the game’s details in full just yet, but it’s already being seen as revolutionary for this genre of game. 

F1 Manager 2022 game development

The managerial game will be the first foray of Frontier Developments in sports. However, the acclaimed developers promise “an authentic, detailed, thrilling, rewarding experience in F1 Manager 2022.” 

Frontier Developments has an impressive game collection tucked underits belt. If the recent successes of Planet Zoo, Elite Dangerous, and Jurassic World Evolution are anything to go by, then F1 Manager will be true to Frontier’s words. 

F1 ® Manager is a simulated managerial game covering every facet of real-world F1 racing. This means players will assume a team principal role aimed at creating a successful strategy for the whole week, running day-to-day operations, improving infrastructure and cars, and making split-second decisions that impact the entire team. 

In essence, you will be a Totto Wolf for your team. The teams are replicas of the real-world F1 10 constructors.

There is no actual in-game footage at the time of the press release. But the trailer and Frontier’s statements indicate there’s more to the game than meets the eye.

F1 ® Manager 2022: What we know so far

F1 Manager 2022 being a managerial game means you take up the role of team principal. Realistic and engaging, being a manager in the F1 world means:

  • Managing driver demands
  • Reviewing, signing, resigning, and terminating sponsorships
  • Developing a race strategy
  • Upgrading cars, facilities, and factories
  • Managing pit stop callouts
  • Making tire choices 
  • Keeping finances in order

As a player, you will be responsible for making short and long-term decisions that determine your team’s success probability. The game promises to give you the reins in leading your drivers and personnel to glory.

F1 Manager 2022 is the ideal management simulation for players that want some hard-to-tackle challenges. Ross Brawn, who’s had first-hand experience at the reins, explains: “I know from personal experience that leading a team can be challenging, but it’s certainly rewarding. The F1 Manager is a great opportunity for fans to put themselves in the shoes of a team principal and experience some of that for themselves.” 

There are point-by-point tutorials for abstruse aspects of the game. However, there is no button to manage Super Max when he drives out of line. I’m sure the FIA and Lewis Hamilton would love for such a control. 

A welcome feature in the game is fastidious scaling from bottom to up. You can take charge of Haas or Alfa Romeo and work your way up the echelons. Even better, you can break Totto Wolf’s headphones when he’s raging at Hamilton for speeding past the safety car.

Being a managerial game means you can’t get into the car and race, which is a bit of a bummer for some gamers. But there’s on-track action in making pit stop strategies and developing race strategies.

F1 Manager 2022 will feature the complete Grand Prix Circuit of the 2022 Championship. The visors went down on the 20th for the 2022 Grand Prix with team Ferrari, specifically Leclerc clinching the top spot.

“We are delighted to partner with the great team at F1 on this exciting opportunity. We’ve been working closely with them to deliver a truly authentic experience, and they have provided us with extensive access to all aspects of the sport to enable us to do this. We feel this is the start of something special – we’re looking forward to bringing F1 Manager 2022 to players in summer 2022,” David Braben, CEO and Founder of Frontier Developments, said. 

Where can you play F1 Manager 2022?

The game will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox series X&S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. 

F1 Manager 2022 release date

There’s no specific official release date yet, with developers only offering a window. However, the Frontier Development team has already released an official trailer for the game. 

The game is set to release in the summer of 2022. Recent developments are priming the game for a late July release. We are not speculative but can promise you will be a team principal by the end of summer 2022. 

F1 lovers are currently riding on a high. You have Drive to Survive on Netflix that recaps the heavily contested 2021 Championship, the 2022 circuit underway, and a new managerial game.

Will we get the same rewarding experience as the F1 Codemasters game? It seems so. We are buzzing for it.


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