The new 2020 Worlds song, Take Over, has been released

Christian Vejvad • September 17, 15:53

Riot Games has just released the 2020 World Championship song Take Over, featuring Jeremy McKinnon, Max Schneider, and Henry Lau.

The three artists are established names in the music industry with some big hits to their credit. Jeremy McKinnon is known as the lead vocalist of American rock band A Day to Remember. Max Schneider, better known as MAX, is an American multi-platinum recording artist. The third artist is Henry Lau, a Canadian singer, songwriter, and violinist. He is also known from the k-pop industry and will be catering towards the eastern crowd for this year’s song.  

The three artists are very different in their style of music, which comes to fruition in the Worlds song. The three complement each other and seem to have been carefully selected for this years’ song.     

New Worlds song arrives amid big expectations from fans

The song will have to live up to huge expectations from fans all over the world, after previous years’ Worlds hits such as RISE, Warriors, Phoenix, and others. 

The annual Worlds song is one of the biggest highlights of the year for many League of Legends fans and now that it has arrived, everyone can look forward to a potential live performance during the Worlds final. Fans all over the world will also use the song as the last bit of hype before teams hit Summoner’s Rift on September 25 for the play-in stage.  

As we see every year, the Worlds song came with an animated video. The video presented parts of some familiar in-game characters Kassadin, Thresh, and Jarvan IV, alongside some former world champions. T1 mid laner and legend of the game Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok was most notably in the video despite not qualifying for this year’s World Championship event.


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