The League of Legends client continues to be full of bugs

By Christian Vejvad


Oct 22, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

League of Legends fans tend to disagree on a lot of things, but there is often a mutual agreement among players that the client contains way too many bugs. 

The LoL client has been a talking point for years, with many players complaining about all sorts of bugs. Some bugs are pretty harmless, while others have caused players to lose games and even ranks. New bugs sometimes appear during patches and others have been in the game for years without being fixed. 

Riot addresses client issues and bugs

The state of the client has luckily been addressed by Riot Games, who acknowledge that there are a lot of improvements to be made. Riot has started a “client cleanup campaign,” with the goal of cleaning up bugs in the client to a point where players won’t be affected by them on a daily basis. 

Even though Riot has improved the client according to their reports, it still doesn’t seem to be enough. Players are still experiencing bugs that affect them in ranked champion select, the shop, in queue, and in other parts of the client. 

Some of the many bugs are represented in a recent video on YouTube that started trending. The video perfectly shows how the client can act on a bad day and that there is a long way to go with Riot’s client campaign. 

The most severe bugs often happen during champion select, where players can be stuck in a position where they can’t lock in or ban a champion. There have also been cases where players can’t save runes or change summoner spells, which can directly affect the outcome of the game.

The bugs force players to play the game at a disadvantage or intentionally dodge the game. If these bugs happen during ranked games, it can potentially hurt a player’s rank.

Riot will continue to work on improving the client, but it is unknown when players will see real improvements on some of the biggest bugs.