The LCK is looking for a new broadcaster to replace PapaSmithy

By Melany Moncada


Sep 21, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Korea’s prime League of Legends competition, the LCK, is looking for a color commentator for its English broadcast.

On August 31, Chris “PapaSmithy” Smith announced that he would be exiting the LCK. The announcement took the community by surprise. PapaSmithy is a respected caster and analyst in the League of Legends community and the face of the LCK’s English broadcast. Now, the league is looking for someone that could fill his big shoes.

“Whatever your experience level, if you’d like to be considered submit an application,” wrote PapaSmithy on Twitter after he quoted LCK’s Esports Broadcast Global Producer Jin Yae-won.

Xasters from other regions shared their words of encouragement for the potential candidates.

“You can’t replace Papa but you can be the first you on the LCK broadcast,” wrote Max “Atlus” Anderson, one the LCK’s current play-by-play casters.

The fact that the LCK is looking to bring new talent on board denies the possibility of a caster transfer between regions. It has previously happened, with one recent example being when Indiana “Froskurinn” Black moved from the LPL to the LEC.

LoL fans wondered if PapaSmithy would follow Froskurinn’s steps and join the European broadcast. PapaSmithy immediately denied the possibility and a couple of days later revealed he had joined 100 Thieves as its new LoL team general manager.

PapaSmithy is not the first caster to move up to a management role. Former European caster Martin “Deficio” Lynge left his role before the EU LCS rebranded to the LEC and joined Origen as its general manager.

The LCK doesn’t have as many western followers as the LEC and LCS. However, this is a tournament that still gets over 50,000 viewers for every broadcast. Joining the LCK will open many doors for candidates, whether they’re new to the job or already experienced.

If you are a color caster with a passion for League of Legends and the LCK, you can apply to the role here.