The growing link between esports betting and casinos

By William Davis


Jul 31, 2021

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Unless somebody is listing their favorite online entertainment types, you will probably not hear about esports and casinos in the same sentence. However, over the past couple of years, that has begun to change. 

There are more and more online sportsbooks that offer both esports betting and also casino games. What’s more, some of the most hyped esports competitions are held in esports arenas in Las Vegas casino venues.

The casino market shift

Over the past decade, gambling as we knew it basically ceased to exist. The switch to the online gambling market transformed the whole industry. Many land-based casinos and betting shops were threatened by the outpour of online gambling brands. While a great number of gambling brands gave up, the strongest ones saw a way out through reinventing themselves.

One way to do that is to switch to an online business model and even add new and inventive services like promotions and casino 100 bonus offers, which is one of the main reasons for the growing link between esports betting and casinos. Gambling brands are nowadays turning more and more towards this industry, as the popularity of traditional venue gambling declined drastically.

Adapting to the market demands

Another reason why the biggest gambling brands are embracing online gaming betting is definitely the switch of generations. 

To grow the current user base, no account casino brands have to invest in new services and adjust to the current demands on the market. Reaching the younger generation of gamblers might be impossible with land-based casinos and their conventional services. 

This is why gambling brands decided to take advantage of the potential that this industry has. Even if betting on gaming competitions started to be popular around 2017, the booming industry reached its current height over 2020 and 2021.

This was the same year when esports competitions went full glam and reached Las Vegas. Allied and Esports Arena opened HyperX esports Arena at the Luxor Hotel & Casino. The venue was planned to host offline and online tournaments and other types of entertainment for fellow gamers. And more of them, like MGM Resorts International, followed the trend. In 2018 Complexity Gaming managed to have the WinStar World Casino and Resort as a sponsor.

Will esports casinos become a thing?

The gaming betting sector would not be this successful if it wasn’t for partnerships, collaborations, and of course, odds. 

Odds and esports data have become one of the most lucrative businesses in the whole gambling industry. So, it is only logical to hear about the partnerships between data giants like Nielsen and Newzoo with some esports organizations. 

If we are making predictions based on the 2021 esport casino revenue, the future for the esports casinos seems to be looking pretty good.


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