Valorant Path to Pro

“The format proposed by Riot does not include pro organizations:” The Union slates Valorant Challengers following exit

By George Geddes


Aug 8, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Another organization has departed competitive Valorant following the revised Challengers system after the preliminary details sent to teams. 

The Union, two-time champions of the Brazilian Challengers circuit, have withdrawn from competitive Valorant and placed the team on the bench. With the team unable to secure qualification to the VCT Americas partnered league, the organization would have been forced to return to Challengers. 

But The Union had harsh words for the proposed system. Although details are yet to be made public by Riot, The Union said that it does not favor organizations and it believes the dismantling of the tier two scene was a part of Riot’s plans. 

The Union paints a grim picture for the tier-two Valorant circuit next year 

“In our view, the dismantling of Valorant’s national scenario — Tier 2 before VCT Americas — was in the developer’s plans,” the organization said, translated to English from Portuguese. 

The organization criticized Riot for failing to provide a stable future for organizations in Challengers next year.

“The format proposed by Riot for 2024 does not include professional organizations,” The Union said in a statement. “It does not include companies and players who make a living from it while they work; it does not include professional athletes and the structure they demand to achieve competitive excellence.” 

The organization’s withdrawal from Valorant is “against its will” since the team was successful in Challengers. 

The Challengers circuit across all regions allows for teams to secure qualification for the partnered leagues, the peak of Valorant competition. 

But the community has criticized the lack of play-time for the majority of Challengers teams since the season is over in July at the latest. 

Teams that failed to secure qualification for the Ascension tournament had the season reach an abrupt conclusion in early June, however.