The Finals power shift

The first The Finals esports event is here

By Olivia Richman


Jun 13, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

With fast-paced gunplay and stage-breaking action, The Finals has been a dynamic new game in the FPS scene yet there’s been no real esports scene. Until now. Here’s what we know about the upcoming The Finals Twitch Rivals event.

Embark Studios has been working hard to make The Finals more esports-focused with competitive modes and private matches. It’s apparently finally ready for its esports debut with The Finals Twitch Rivals. Here’s what we know about this upcoming tournament.

When is The Finals Twitch Rivals?

The Finals Twitch Rivals will stream on Twitch on June 18, 2024. It will begin at 2 PM PST.

The Finals Twitch Rivals format

The Finals Twitch Rivals will be a one-day tournament that will all take place in the Cashout game mode. This mode has competitors rushing to open vaults and then taking them to a Cashout Station they must defend.

There will be 24 participants, split into eight teams of three. The teams will compete in a round robin format. The winner will be announced that same day, earning a large chunk of the $50,000 prize pool.

Here is the full breakdown:

  • Private Match Settings
    • Region: North America
    • Game Mode: Cash Out
      • 3v3v3v3
    • Map List
      • Las Vegas
      • Monaco
      • Seoul
      • Skyway Stadium
      • SYS
  • Round Robin – 3 Rounds
    • Each round will consist of 5 maps, one of each of the map list.
    • Team will be divided into 2 groups of 4 teams each group randomly
    • After each round the teams will be divided randomly.
      • Teams will face each team at least once.
    • After each map teams will be awarded the following points
      • 1st – 10
      • 2nd – 7
      • 3rd – 5
      • 4th – 4
    • After the 3 Rounds are played, teams will be ranked based on their total points earned.
    • Tiebreakers
      • Average placement
      • Most points obtained between tied teams in the last round;
      • If still tied, difference from Round 2, until the tie breaker is solved.
      • If still tied split prize.

The Finals Twitch Rivals prize pool breakdown

PlacementWinner Prizing (Team)Winner Prizing (Per Player)

Let’s see how the match unfolds and hope it inspires more The Finals esports tournaments in the future.