The first look at reported Lotus changes coming to Valorant

By George Geddes


Sep 19, 2023

Reading time: 1 min

Today, a dataminer has revealed the first look at some new changes coming to the map Lotus in Valorant. 

Well-known and reputable dataminer Floxay has posted a video showing several changes coming to Lotus, which will open up the map significantly and change different parts of the sites around the map. 

Changes to the map were reported earlier today by Mike from Valorleaks on social media. 

Lotus changes coming to Valorant

Several changes will be made to Lotus in an upcoming patch, with some preliminary changes shown in the files of the latest update to the game. 

The C-site was shown to have some major changes, with the defenders allowed to hide in some new angles that will be added to the entrance of the site. 

The attackers will find it a bit more difficult to enter the site with a small gap to the right of the entrance, but it may be useful for post-plant scenarios and watching the flank. 

A bigger box will be added, likely to cut off the lines of sight from the defenders, but it won’t deter Chamber or Jett players from taking a peek. An additional pillar on the site and a few boxes will be added to the site as well. 

The B-site has opened up a bit more. With additional space on the site to plant, it seems, and a widened pathway in the connector area. 

Defenders will be able to hold an aggressive angle if they destroy the door and peek through to the entrance of Long to A-site with the changes. 

The video did not show any changes to the A-site itself, however. 

The release date for these changes is unknown, so fans will have to keep a close eye on the patch updates in the future.