The best way to build Syndra in League of Legends season 11

By Christian Vejvad


Apr 18, 2021

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League of Legends season 11 has shaken up the game’s items completely with a big overhaul. This has affected all champions and forced players to learn new builds for most champions in the game, Syndra being one of them. 

Syndra is considered one of the go-to mages for the mid lane by many players, and for good reason. Syndra is able to dish out reliable damage and can decide fights on her own when hitting her skill shots correctly. Syndra is also a champion that takes a lot of skill to master, which makes her fun and challenging to pick up. Furthermore, her damage potential gives players a reason to build some of the most damage-heavy items in the game, giving Syndra an even bigger appeal among players. 

To help understand Syndra a bit better, here’s how to build her with the new season 11 item changes. 

How to build Syndra in LoL

Building Syndra will include a lot of ability power and a few tools to stay out of danger and sustain. Syndra usually always wants to start out by building Luden’s Tempest as her mythical item. Luden’s Tempest gives Syndra a nice bunch of ability power at an early stage of the game, including mana, ability haste, and magic penetration to all her future legendary items. Furthermore, Luden’s Tempest deals additional damage through it’s Echo passive, which is perfect for a champion like Syndra who wants to poke and beat enemies in trades. 

Before moving on to her second big item, Syndra wants to complete her Sorcerer’s Shoes for extra magic penetration. Playing Syndra is all about landing combos and trying to take down squishy enemies in one fell swoop. With enough magic penetration, Syndra will cut through enemies. 

For a second item, Syndra wants more mana to keep sustaining through her combos. Completing an Archangel’s Staff will give Syndra enough mana throughout the game that she can focus on building damage from there. As Syndra cast abilities throughout the game, she will also gain ability power from Archangel’s Staff through its Awe and Mana Charge passives. 

The upcoming items for Syndra will always be a bit situational, but usually, Syndra goes for either Rabadon’s Deathcap or Zhonya’s Hourglass. The Deathcap is usually the best choice for a Syndra that is already ahead of her opponents and wants to snowball further. Go for Hourglass if you need to stay protected from enemies with crowd control or jumps.  

To finish up the build, Syndra no longer needs defensive items. Hourglass is usually all Syndra wants to stay protected, and she can therefore finish her build with Void Staff. The Void Staff will give Syndra magic penetration to stay relevant in the longest of games. 

Runes for Syndra

For her runes, Syndra usually wants to go for either Domination with Electrocute as the keystone or through the Sorcery tree to get Phase Rush. In solo queue, Syndra is fielding the best win rate with Electrocute as it helps her dish out as much damage as possible on her combos. For higher ELO and professional play, players usually pick Phase Rush for its extra mobility and safety. 

In the secondary tree, Syndra wants Biscuit Delivery and Time Warp Tonic to help sustain through the laning phase. It’s also a possibility to go for Perfect Timing or Magical Footwear to get a free stopwatch or boots, but that requires more confidence when playing Syndra. 

Star Guardian Syndra

Is Syndra good in LoL?

Syndra has been a solid control mage in the mid lane in most metas since her release in 2012. There have been periods where Syndra hasn’t been seen that much, while she has been one of the strongest picks for the mid lane in other periods of time. In season 11, Syndra is still seen in solo queue and professional play, but not as a permanent pick or ban. During patch 11.7, Syndra had a poor win rate of 46.16% at Platinum rank and higher, and patch 11.9 isn’t looking to be much better. Despite these win rates, Syndra is still a pick that can work, but there are safer options out there.  

Does Syndra scale well? 

Syndra is able to scale decently into the late game in League of Legends depending on the matchup. Syndra isn’t one of those champions that will automatically be a monster in the late game, but with an appropriate lead, Syndra is able to be scary even in late-game fights. In certain matchups, Syndra will be the strongest scaler, while other matchups will see her potentially being outscaled. Examples of champions that will outscale Syndra in most games are Azir, Vladimir, and Kassadin.   


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